Bowdon lose 1 – 6 to Bury Peelers in NWF Handicap AC League, 11 Sept

Bowdon lost 1 – 6 at home to Bury Peelers on Sunday 11 September, and thereby missed a chance of winning the NWF Handicap AC League title. Bowdon have been overtaken by Bury Caesars who have won the League with a game to spare. Bowdon have finished the season in second place. The match was one were Bowdon players were not at their best and could only congratulate our opponents on their win. We should now look forward to next season.

The Bowdon team was:

The morning doubles game had Dave (6) and Liz (10) beaten by David Barrett (4.5) and Phil Nuttall (10) -6. In the singles John (3) lost to Paul Kenworthy (1) by -7. Nigel (0.5) recorded our only win against Malcolm Daines (4.5) +16.

In the afternoon singles Nigel lost to Paul -8, John lost to David -6, Dave lost to Malcolm -15 and Liz lost to Phil -5.