Maintenance on Lawn 2 from 8th Sept

The full lawn 2 will be undergoing major levelling maintenance from Thursday 8th September. This will mean that no play will be available on this area from 8th Sept until next year to allow the grass to re-establish. As a consequence the short lawns ‘B’ and ‘C’ will be converted to a full lawn and will be shown on the booking system as lawn 2 with short lawns ‘B’ and ‘C’ being unavailable.

So from Thursday 8th September there will be 3 full lawns and 1 short lawn. With lawn 1 next to the clubhouse, lawn 2 adjacent to lawn 1, and lawn 3 as existing. The short lawn ‘A’ will be as existing next to the entrance gate.

The completion of the work, we hope, will alleviate the frustration of failing to run hoop 2 and enhance the enjoyment of the game of croquet – at least for some of us!