Bowdon visited Pendle in NWF Midweek AC – 9th Aug

Bowdon visited Pendle in the NWF Midweek AC Handicap league on Tuesday 9th August. and came away 4-3 winners! The team was:

Louise stepped in at the last minute and won the crucial final game, well done Louise and the other members of the team.

Andrew Webb (4.5) &
Andrew Gould (24)
beat John Lambie (14) &
Louise Cheyne (12)
Peter Dewhurst (12)lost Nigel Matthews (.5)18-26
Robin Delves (16)lost Liz Webb (11)12-17
Andrew Webbbeat Nigel Matthews26-18
Peter Dewhurstbeat Liz Webb18-11
Robert Delveslost Louise Cheyne12-18
Andrew Gouldlost John Lambie17-26