Bowdon win at home to Westmorland in NWF Short League, 15 July

Bowdon won their NWF Short League home match against Westmorland, 9 -7 on Friday 15 July. As expected it was a close match, with three games being won by just one hoop. Bowdon now have three wins from six matches and top the NWF Short League. Bury are in second place having 2 wins from only five matches.

Bowdon’s team was Cas Sinclair (Captain), Margaret Moss, John Lambie and Lorna Frost.

Cas (5) beat Neil Adams (1 peel) 14-5 and Sue Pritchard (3.5) 14-0, and lost to Phil Hyman (7) 5-6, and Mike Hodgson (6) 6-11.

Margaret (10) beat Sue 14-4, and lost to Neil 10-14, Mike 9-10 and Phil 6-7.

John (4) beat Mike 14-9 and Sue 13-11, and lost to Phil 3-14 and Neil 6-11.

Lorna (3.5) beat Mike 14-9, Phil 14-4, Sue 14-5 and Neil 14-5.

Well done team Bowdon!