Bowdon B-Class Advanced Weekend, 2-3July

This weekend, 2-3 July, features one of Bowdon’s regular tournaments for players with handicaps from 0 to 8. A very energetic Alan Mayne will be preparing the lawns, managing the tournament and also playing in it!! Specators are very welcome and will be able to watch skillful and exciting croquet. Lawns 2 and 3 will be occupied for most of Saturday and lawns 1, 2 and 3 will be occupied for most of Sunday.

Bowdon members playing are Adrian Apps (4), Charles Harding (2.5), Brian Kerr (2), Alan Mayne (0.5), Brian Medley (3) and Mike Steer (7). They are joined by Neil Adams (2) from Westmorland and Dennis Scarr (0) from Middlesborough.

Let us wish them all good luck, and that they enjoy themselves in playing croquet to a high standard under a sky free of rain.