Bowdon beat Southport 9-7 in the NWF Short League, 12 June

Bowdon hosted the Southport team in the NWF Short Croquet League on Sunday 12 June. Our team of Cas Sinclair (Captain), Charles Fraser, Lorna Frost and Margaret Moss should be congratulated on coming through to win a very close match 9-7. Well done team!

Cas (5) beat Peter Williams (6) +6, Eileen Rossiter (7) +8 and Tina Kelley (9) +3; and lost to Barbara Nodwell (9) -4T

Lorna (3.5) beat Barbara +7 and Peter +4; and lost to Tina -8 and Eileen -6.

Charles (4) beat Peter +6T; and lost to Tina -3T, Barbara -7 and Eileen -8.

Margaret (10) beat Eileen +6, Peter +9 and Barbara +1T; and lost to Tina -2T.