Bowdon lose 6-10 at Chester in NWF GC Handicap League, 5 June

Bowdon lost against Chester [6-10 with 2 drawn games] in the NWF Golf Croquet Handicap League on Sunday 5 June. The Bowdon team was Margaret Moss (Captain), Andrew Whittaker, Fiona Whittaker and Charles Fraser. The Chester team was Edward Baskerville, Sarah Clements, Kerry Dadson and Pat Wheeler.

Below is the Bowdon team along with Edward Baskerville of Chester.

In the doubles,

Fiona (10) and Andrew (5) lost 3-5 to Edward (8) and Sarah (10), and Margaret (11) and Charles (9) lost 4-6 to Kerry (8) and Pat (12)

In the singles,

Margaret lost to Sarah 2-7, Edward 4-7, Kerry 1-7 and Pat 1-7

Andrew beat Sarah 7-5, lost to Edward 4-6, and drew against Kerry 5-5 and Pat 6-6

Fiona beat Pat 7-6 and Kerry 7-6, and lost to Edward 3-7 and Sarah 5-7

Charles beat Pat 7-5, Sarah 7-6 and Kerry 7-6, and lost to Edward 4-5