Millennium GC Handicap at Southport, 28 May

12 North-West handicap golf croquet players met for the Millennium tournament at Southport on Saturday 12th May, under a lovely deep blue sky, but accompanied by midges.

Bowdon was represented by Margaret Moss and Andrew and Fiona Whittaker.

Players were in 2 blocks of 6 players. No one won 5 games. In the first block, Sue Wilkie, Andrew Whittaker and Margaret Moss won 4 games out of 5. Sue had 32 hoops and Andrew and Margaret had 29 each. In the second block, Frank Sharp won 4 games, with 31 points. He was followed by Lou Pel with 3 wins and 33 points, and then Fiona with 31 points. So all three Bowdon players came in the top half of results.

In the finals, Frank beat Sue, while the rest were given another game to play, against someone in the other block.