Bowdon lose 6 – 10 at Chester in the NWF Short Croquet League, 29 May

Our Short Croquet team was Cas Sinclair (Captain), Charles Fraser, Margaret Moss & Fiona Whittaker. They faced a very strong Chester team of Helen Brophy, Sally Slater, Nigel Worthington and Jayne Taylor. The damage was done in the second round of games when Chester won all 4. The other 3 rounds were shared 2 all. Well fought team and better luck in the next match.

Cas (5) beat Nigel (4) +5 and Helen (2.5) +3T, and lost to Jayne (5) -5T and Sally (3) -13.

Charles (4) lost to Jayne -5T, Nigel -3T, Helen -1T and Sally -10

Fiona (8) beat Helen +14, Jayne +2T and Nigel +2T, and lost to Sally -4.

Margaret (10) beat Nigel +3T and lost to Sally -8, Jayne -3T and Helen -2T.