Bowdon Advanced Tournament 28 -29 May

Paul Rigge from the Pendle club surprised himself, but nobody else, by wininning the Bowdon Advanced Tournament. Brian Storey presented Paul with the Peterson Cup. Well done Paul, we look forward to seeing you defend it next year.

Paul Rigge won 5 games out of 7, as did Ian Lines, but when they played eachother Paul won by +25tp so becoming the overall winner.

Former Bowdon member Ian Lines managed the tournament and graced it with his play, as he has for several years. Lorna Frost was in charge of the much appreciated catering. Thanks to Ian and Lorna, and to our groundsman Alan Mayne.

Full results can be found at

Bowdon members playing were; Charles Harding (2.5), Nigel Matthews (1.5), Brian Medley (3), Brian Storey (-1), Angharrad Walters (-2), Andrew Winn (-1.5) & John-Paul Moberly (-1). They were joined by visitors; Richard Harding (-1) (Southport), Debbie Lines (-1) (Peterborough), Ian Lines (-2) (Peterborough), David Magee (0) (Ben Rhydding), George Plant (0.5) (Middlesborough) and Paul Rigge (-1.5) (Pendle).

J-P Moberley won 4 out of 4, Angharrad Walters and Andrew Winn both won 4 out of 6, Debbie Lines won 5 out of 8, Richard Harding won 4 out of 7, George Plant won 3 out of 6 and Nigel Matthews, Brian Medley, Brian Storey, Charles Harding and David Magee each won 1 out of 6.