Bowdon beat Nottingham in the Mary Rose Inter-Club competition, 22nd May

Bowdon beat Nottingham 5-2 in the first round of the national Mary Rose Inter-Club competition this Sunday 22nd May. Victory was particularly sweet because we lost to Nottingham in the Mary Rose last year. This competition is for players with handicaps of 0 and above, and teams must have an aggregate handicap of at least 4. The team was Will Mellor (Capt.), Adrian Apps, Alan Mayne & Mike Sandler.

We wish the team the best of luck.

Alan Mayne (0.5) & Michael Sandler (2) beat Dave Gunn (0.5) & Ian Draper (1) +5
Will Mellor (2.5) beat Peter Hanley (2.5) +19Adrian Apps (4) lost to Alex McIntyre (1.5) -5
Alan beat Dave +26Michael beat Ian +5
Will beat Alex +18Adrian lost to Peter -11

The next round will be against the winner of Chester or Tyneside to be played by 17th July