Bowdon win 7 – 0 against Belsay Hall in GC Inter-Club match, 7th May, 2022

Bowdon enjoyed a very convincing win, by 7 – 0, against Belsay Hall in the Croquet Association Golf Croquet inter-Club Championship. The Bowdon team was Angharrad Walters (Captain), Alan Mayne, Colin Irwin and Will Mellor. The Belsay Hall team was Derek Johnson, David Knowles, Phil Errington and Eric Nixon.

We must congratulate the team on such an emphatic win and look forward to their next round match.

In the doubles

Angharrad and Alan beat Phil and Eric 7-2, 7-6

In the singles games

Angharrad beat Phil 7-4, 7-2

Alan beat Eric 7-4, 7-5

Colin beat Derek 7-6, 7-1, and David 7-3, 7-1

Will beat David 7-1, 7-5 and Derek 7-5, 7-4