May Weekend Handicap, the Reed Cup, 30th April to 2nd May

Over the coming weekend, and Bank Holiday Monday, Bowdon will host our prestigious Croquet Association handicap tournament, the Reed Cup. You are all welcome to come along and watch 12 determined, but friendly, players striving to win. Kay Martin will be serving delicious tea for players and spectators. Lorna Frost will be managing the tournament – so behave yourselves.

The players, with their club and handicap details are listed below:

Adrian Apps
Bowdon, 4
John Henderson
Penrith, 4
Philip Jay
Huddersfield, 8
Ken Jones
Bury, 4
Ged Smolskas
Bury, 10
Cas Sinclair
Bowdon, 16
Mike Steer
Bowdon, 6
Sylvia Steer
Bowdon, 7
Brian Storey
Bowdon, -1
Liz Webb
Bowdon, 10
Andrew Whittaker
Bowdon, 14
Brian Medley
Bowdon, 3

The tournament will occupy 3 full lawns leaving 3 short lawns available for general play. Short lawns B and C may be converted into a full lawn. Members can book short lawn A as normal and if you require a full lawn book under short lawn B.

For those that aren’t aware the Reed Cup was originally instigated in 1922 by Mr and Mrs Reed, Club members at that time, for the Open A class singles in the Clubs July tournament. Currently the trophy is awarded for the May Handicap weekend.