Play for Team Bowdon in NW Fed Leagues 2022

Are you interested in playing for Bowdon in the NW Federation Leagues?

Bowdon have, in the past, entered the following teams in the NW Federation leagues:-
B-Level Advanced League: 1 team (Bowdon), usually played by players with single figure handicaps, on a Sunday.
Handicap AC League: 2 teams (Bowdon Firs and Bowdon St. Mary’s), usually played on a Sunday at home or Saturday/Sunday away.
Handicap Midweek AC League: 2 teams (Bowdon Griffins and Bowdon Earls), usually played on a Thursday/Friday.
Short Croquet League: 2 teams (Bowdon Bears and Bowdon Cubs), usually played on a Sunday at home or Saturday/Sunday away.
Handicap GC League: 1 team (Bowdon) usually played on Thursday/Friday at home or Saturday/Sunday away (a weekend league but we had special dispensation to play midweek because our lawns were fully used at weekends).
There were an equal number of home and away AC handicap matches in each league, and a match consisted of 2 games in a day. More games were played in Short Croquet and GC matches.

The number of teams we enter into each league depend on the number of club members interested in playing in that league. Each player is expected to make themselves available to play in at least half of the games, both home and away. However, if you would like to play in fewer matches, this can be catered for.

Apart from the B-Level Advanced League, all other leagues are played with handicaps, so you do not need to worry about if you are good enough. In fact, we encourage new players to join the league teams to gain experience of play at other clubs – it is and rewarding most interesting to see play at other clubs!
We would recommend starting by playing for a Short Croquet team led by an experienced captain and, as you can see by the team names in that league, one team was set up specifically for that purpose.

If you are interested in playing for a team in a specific league next season, then please contact the Croquet Secretary, Ken Cooper.