Bowdon came 3rd in CA Longman Cup finals – 2/3 Oct 2021

Bowdon were narrowly beaten 3-4 in the semi-finals of the CA Longman Cup by Letchworth who went on to win the final 4-3 against Hurlingham at Surbiton. But won the 3rd place trophy on Sunday.

On Saturday Bowdon went 3-1 up against Letchworth before the other 3 games had to be paused because of the heavy rain in the afternoon flooded the lawns. On Sunday the weather was much drier and we were able to resume the games albeit on fairly sodden lawns. Unfortunately after closely fought games, Letchworth won the remaining games.

In the play-off for 3rd/4th place Bowdon managed to go 4-2 up against Harwell/Eynsham with the final game going to Golden Hoop – eventually won by Harwell/Eynsham.

The team was.

The semi-final scores against Letchworth are:

Adrian (3.5) & Mike (11) beat David Matthews (3.5) & Colin Davies (7) +13
Nigel (3.5) beat John Noble (4.5) +24Barry (9) beat David Clancy (14) +7
Adrian lost to John -2Nigel lost to David M -21
Barry lost to Colin -2Mike lost to David C -12

In the play-off for 3rd/4th against Harwell/Eynsham

Adrian & Mike beat Hugh Manson (6) & Nick Goodwin (14) +5
Nigel lost to Noel Harris (8) -1Barry beat David Spicer (4.5) +6
Adrian beat David +3Nigel lost to Hugh -25
Barry lost to Noel -1Mike beat Nick +22