CA Inter Club AC Competition, 12th September

Bowdon faced Bristol in the semi-final of the Inter Club competition on Sunday 12th September at Cheltenham. Despite best efforts by all Bowdon team members Bristol emerged as winners, 4 – 2, with one game unfinished. It was a great achievement to get to the semi-final and all should be congratulated. The team was Angharrad Walters (Captain) -2, Brian Storey -1, Ken Cooper -1 and Brian Kerr 2. Bristol’s team was David Goacher -2, Richard M Smith -2, Ed Duckworth -1.5 and Dave Kibble -1.5.

Game scores: Brian Storey (26TP) beat Richard M Smith (23); Ken Cooper (4) lost to Ed Duckworth (26TP); Brian Kerr (0) lost to Dave Kibble (26TP); Ken Cooper (26) beat Dave Kibble (21); Angharrad Walters and Brian Storey (3) lost to David Goacher and Richard M Smith (26); and Brian Kerr (18) lost to Ed Duckworth (26TP).

Captain’s report: In the semi-final held at Cheltenham, Bristol took a 2-1 lead into lunch, with only Bowdon’s Ken Cooper being able to halt the Bristol tide. Ken capitalised on an error by Dave Kibble, who retrieved his partner ball (rather than the striker’s ball) after a long rush and only realised his mistake when removing the clip from 4back, on what would probably have been a finishing turn. In the afternoon, Dave rapidly despatched Brian Kerr and Ed Duckworth beat Ken sealing the match win. Brian Storey completed his comeback win with a TP after Richard Smith came to grief with his straight rover peel. At which point the finely balanced Goacher / Walters game was abandoned to allow the homeward journeys to commence before the traffic worsened.