NWF Midweek H’Cap – Bowdon beat Chester – 1st Sep

Bowdon beat Chester 5-2 in the last match of the NWF Midweek league match on Wednesday 1st September to maintain their 100% record and finish top of the table.

The team was: Andrew Thomson, Adrian Apps, Mike Flannery and Carol Sinclair.

Adrian Apps (3.5) & 
Carol Sinclair (16) lost to
Robin Tasker (3.5) & 
David Boyd (6)
Mike Flannery (11) beatDavid Guyton (6)26-13
Andrew Thomson (7) beatBrian Walton (7)26-2
Andrew beatDavid Guyton 19-13T
Adrian beatRobin26-24
Mike beatDavid Boyd17-16T
Carol lost toBrian-7T