NWF Mid Week H’cap – Westmorland v Bowdon – 19th August

Bowdon travelled to Westmorland, in the grounds of Levens Hall, for the NWF Mid Week Handicap league match on Thursday 19th August. Bowdon were 4-3 winners.

The Bowdon team was Andrew Thomson, Nigel Matthews, Mike Flannery, & John Lambie:

Andrew Thompson (7) &
John Lambie (14) lost to
Mike Hodgson (16) &
Sue Pritchard (12)
Mike Flannery (12) beatIvan Wheatley (4.5)26-19
Nigel Matthews (4) beatRob Harvey (14)18-17T
Andrew beatSue26-21
John lost toMike Hodgson15-18T
Mike lost toRob15-26
Nigel beatIvan26-4