Trial Wednesday Competition – 25 August

The club is trialing the return of the Wednesday competition, on 25th August. If you would like to play there will be a list for members to sign on the club notice board from Monday 17 August.

Players to be divided into two groups – each to play 2 Sessions; one game of Short Croquet and one game of either 14 or 18 pt Croquet.

The draw will take place at 9.45 am with play commencing at 10:00, finishing at 14:15.

Short croquet – 1 hour 30 min
14/18 pt croquet – 2 hours

Those playing short croquet in the first session will lunch between 11.30 – 12.15
Those playing 14/18 pt croquet in the first session will lunch between 12.00 – 12.45

Second sessions will start at
12.15 for 14/18 pt croquet
12.45 for short croquet

Normal Wednesday scoring system – 20 pts + winning difference.
Hoops scored for losers.
Games do not go on the card unless agreed by both players.

Mars Bar for winner!