Bowdon beat Chester in Longman Cup 1st Round

Bowdon beat Chester 4-3 in the 1st round of the CA Longman Cup competition on Wednesday 19th May.

The weather stayed dry with some glorious sunny spells. The rustiness of all players following the recent lockdown restrictions showed up in all games with some excellent shots followed by some atrocious ones. However home advantage eventually paid off. 
Bowdon will now take on Nottingham, at home, in the 2nd round

The details are (Bowdon names first):

  • Adrian Apps (3.5) & John Lambie (12) beat Robin Tasker (5) & Nigel Worthington (14)  +18
  • Nigel Matthews (6) beat David Boyd (6)  +11
  • Mike Flannery (12) lost to David Guyton (6)  -3

In the afternoon,

  • Adrian Apps beat Robin Tasker  +20
  • Nigel Matthews beat David Guyton  +15
  • Mike Flannery lost to David Boyd  -7
  • John Lambie lost to Nigel Worthington  -10

The Bowdon team was :