Further Changes to Booking System

Following the easing of the Covid 19 restrictions, double banking will be available on 2 of the full lawns with effect from Monday 17th May.

The lawns at the top of the bank – currently Full A and Full B – will be available for double banking and will revert to the numbering convention we had before the pandemic, namely Lawn 3 (nearest to clubhouse) and Lawn 4 (nearest to the Jubilee rooms). Lawn 1 will not be available for double banking.

The convention used will be ‘P’ for primary colours and ‘S’ for secondary colours. So the heading of the lawns will be: Lawn 3P, Lawn 3S, Lawn 4P, Lawn 4S, Lawn 1P (there will be no Lawn 1S available until further easing of restrictions)
The short lawns remain as Short A, Short B, Short C.

The option for Practice is removed from the ‘Type’ box, because it caused conflict with anyone trying to book AC or GC on the same lawn. So you if you are practicing you should state that in the ‘Full Description’ box.  Your entry in the ‘Type’ box will show whether you are practicing Association or Golf.  If members go to the guide then the changes are on page 4.

Please ensure that you book the correct lawn for your game/practice.