Changes to the Booking System

In order to increase the availability of lawns, it was agreed at the last committee meeting to allow double banking on lawn 1 with effect from Monday 19th April. This is within the allowable covid-19 restrictions and will enable an additional 2 members to play at the club in the same time slot.

The booking system now shows the lawns as: Full A; Full B; Lawn 1P; Lawn 1S; Short A; Short B; Short C.

Full A and Full B are the two lawns at the top of the bank (the old lawns 3 & 4). Lawn 1 is the one in front of the clubhouse and is the only one to be used for double banking. Short A, Short B & Short C are the lawns nearest the entrance gate.

Please make sure when booking a lawn that it is the right one for you. If you book Lawn 1, either P or S, you may be double banked. If you are unhappy with double banking then you need to book Full A or Full B.

Note that the system does not allow double banking for those playing Golf Croquet.