Club AGM Deferred until 2021

Given the current restrictions on gatherings, the Committee have taken the difficult decision to defer the AGM until such time as we can physically meet together.

Before the “Rule of 6” was introduced, we had arranged to use the main hall in the Bowdon Rooms, rather than the Clubhouse, to allow a “socially distanced” physical meeting for up to 30 people, with others able to participate via Zoom, but we have now concluded that it is best to delay the meeting until the restrictions have been lifted.  The Committee considered holding a purely virtual meeting, using Zoom, but felt that it was
a) impractical for an organisation of our size & skills, and
b) would disenfranchise those who were unable to join.

The Officers’ Reports, including the Accounts, will still be issued in October, as usual.  Members will be invited to submit any comments or questions to the Committee for consideration at the November Committee meeting.

The Committee recognises that this is an exceptional decision due to the unusual circumstances due to COVID-19.  It believes that complying with the Government imposed restrictions prevents us from following the requirement in the Club Constitution to hold the AGM in November. This decision will be reviewed each month at the regular Committee Meetings to ensure that the AGM is scheduled as soon as the situation improves sufficiently.