By Kathy Vincent
(Australian friend of Jo Pierpoint)

Oh no there is no croquet whatever can we do?
We love the air and exercise and socializing too.
But the courts look green and perfect, no bugs or weeds to see.
The hoops are there calling out “ Come and play with me .“

Some of us are elderly and some are really young,
And we all enjoy our croquet ,but now our games are done,
So, we all keep isolated at our homes alone.
We can keep in touch with friends as long as we have  phone.

Now games are played on the internet but it isn’t as much fun.
But better safe than sorry when all is said and done.
We will step back in history to how it use to be
Before we all got busy or sat watching the TV.

We can try some new recipes since cafes are all shut.
I will have to do some gardening and tidy out the hut.
We can play games with the children and even let them win.
They will laugh and say we’re silly but we’ll take it on the chin.

I think I’ll get my paints out and create a work of art.
Perhaps I’ll learn a language “ Bonjour “,– well that’s a start.
The bedroom needs a lick of paint the fence needs tidying too.
I could try some sewing and make a dress or two.

This really is quite liberating going back to what we used to do.
I had forgotten some of these hobbies I confess , it is so true.
But when this scare is over and we are given the all clear.
And we see all the family and the friends we hold so dear.

We can return to CROQUET yehh!! let’s have a party too.
If you like come and join us, there will be room for you.
Croquet’s a fabulous hobby, you get to mix with friends,
And have a coffee and a biscuit, when your game comes to an end.

We will get our croquet exercise, knock the opponent’s ball away.
I can’t wait to make the hoop and start again to play.
I can roquet my opponent and try a stop shot or two
Even a sheep station which is a mystery to you!

But what a celebration, HURRAY we have survived!!
We avoided the dreaded virus we are happy to be alive,
So, let’s all play some croquet the thing we like to do,
Why not come and join us there will be room for you.