‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 13

On a cold and wet Wednesday, 24 members turned up to play. Mike Shelmerdine won this week, finishing his last game with a magnificent 8 hoop break. John Howarth and John Lambie a close second and third.

Mike Flannery moves to the top of the table, with John Howarth and Cas Sinclair continuing their climb up the leaderboard. Nigel is the only player in the top ten that has yet to post his 8th score!

1st – Mike Shelmerdine 97 pts
2nd – John Howarth 96 pts
3rd – John Lambie 94 pts

TOP 10
(Please note table is showing top 8 scores)

1 Mike Flannery705+3
2 John  Haworth665+1
3 Charles Fraser638-2
4 George Kistruck637-2
5 Peter Mayne613=
6 Cas Sinclair610+5
7=Nigel Matthews601-1
7=Pauline Hennell601-1
9 Fred Owen596+1
10 Monica Young594-2

The full table is: here