NW Federation Team Applications

Bowdon normally enters teams in a number of the NWF Leagues. Last year we entered teams in; Advanced B-Class, Weekend Handicap (St Mary’s & Firs), Short (Bears & Cubs), Midweek Handicap (Griffins & Earls), Handicap Golf leagues.

A number of forms have been pinned up on the croquet noticeboard asking players to sign-up if they wish to play in one or more of the various NW Federation leagues in 2020. Please enter your name on the form appropriate to whichever league you want to play in; the allocation of players to any particular Bowdon side within that league will be left to the captains when they get together at the beginning of the season, much like we did for 2019. Also, if anyone fancies captaining a side then PLEASE indicate as such – we desperately need more people to take a more active role within the club rather than leaving it to others!