Website Update

After 4 months of the new website, we are making a few changes to the structure of the pages and the news items to try to make it easier to use the website.
The main changes are to the posts of the various competitions.
The changes are:
1) The Wednesday Competitions will now be shown as a subset of the Competitions page rather than part of the General News page. And the top 10 places in the table will only be shown on the latest competition
2) NWF League games will also be shown as subset of the Competition page, as will the CA Competitions.
3) The Tea Rota will be moved to the About Us page. Although the rota will not be used until next summer season. It will mean that members do not need to be registered to see it.

These changes will take place over the next few days. So apologies if some of the information is not quite where you expect it.