Bowdon Firs vs Southport – NWF Handicap League (7 September)

Bowdon Firs lost to Southport 3-4 at Southport on Saturday 7th September.
The team was:

The Southport team was: Barbara Haslam (3.5), Tony Thomas (5), Brian Lewis (7), Gail Moors (12)

In a very, very close match we lost all 3 games in the morning. The doubles match was very close, and could have gone either way.
That meant we had to win all 4 games in the afternoon to win the match, so in order of finish:-
Barry beat Tony   
Barbara conceded to John as she had a bad back
Steve beat BrianSue
Gail’s match went to Golden Hoop, with both having chances, but Gail eventually won.
So a valiant effort, but still a loss.

The detailed scores were:

Steve & Sue lost to Barbara & Gail -1T
– lost to Tony -9
– w/o from Barbara
– lost to Brian -19
– beat Tony +11
Steve beat Brian +5TSue lost to Gail -1T

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