Inter Club Short Croquet Competition (1 August)

Bowdon played Penrith at Penrith & North Lakes Croquet Club in the CA Short Inter-club semi-final competition on 1st August. In spite of the heavy rain the day before, the lawns were in good shape and the weather was perfect croquet weather – warm but not boiling, sunny spells and a very brief spit of rain!

Bowdon lost the doubles before lunch but won the 2 singles games. Lunch was a veritable feast provided by Penrith (for which, many thanks) and the afternoon ended up with Bowdon winning 5 of the 8 singles, ending up with an overall win for Bowdon 7-4.

Well done to Jack Good, aged 13, for winning all his matches.

Bowdon will play either Bury or Kington Langley in the final on 15 September at York.

The Bowdon team:

The Penrith Team:
John Henderson (3.5), Ted Thwaites (9), Ian Ward (9), John Perkins (9).

Doubles: Louise & George lost toJohn (H) & John (P) 11-12.
– beat Ted 14-10
– beat John (P) 14-3
– beat Ian 14-8
– beat Ian 14-6
– beat John (H) 11-10
– lost to Ted 4-14
– beat Ted 14-9
– beat John (H) 10-5
– lost to Ian 6-14
– lost to John (P) 13-14