Nottingham Ascot Qualifier (13-14 July)

Bowdon had 3 entries (more than other visiting club) with JP Moberly (-5), Graham Good (-1) and most surprisingly Jack Good (10) – who was filling in for a last minute withdrawal.

With 2 blocks of 10, so 9 games to play, some slow games saw only 7 get played on the Saturday. Thankfully the Bowdon players were blameless in this respect. Jack almost had the surprise result of the 1st round when he had a shot to win against Tim King (-3) at the golden hoop, unfortunately he missed but that left Graham, who beat Rachel (-4) with the ‘shock’ result award!

Meanwhile JP stormed thru’ his 1st 4 games only to hit the wall against Richard Bilton but it was his only hiccough in a 8/9 qualifying record. Graham had a mixed 4/9, beating some higher ranked players but losing to some lower ranked players. Although Jack didn’t win a game he scored well in most.

With 2 games to play on Sunday the semi’s didn’t start until after lunch. JP played Rachel and won well in 2 straight games. Meanwhile Will Gee took 3 games to get past Richard Bilton. The final saw JP storm into a 1-0 lead, only for Will to reply. The sheer brilliance of the play was stunning, both players striking the ball with immense power and accuracy. In the final game JP was able to secure the 7-3, 2-7, 7-3 win. A worthy victor but with a bit more lawn time Will can only clinb back up the rankings.

Meanwhile Jack was obviously miffed at missing out on the unexpected result award so he beat a -3 and was delighted when his handicap was cut to 5.

Follow this link to the CA website for more information on JP’s victory.
JP Moberly winning the 8th Nottingham GC Championship