Bowdon Midweek Short Croquet Tournament (16-17 July)

The Bowdon Midweek Short Croquet Tournament will took place on Tuesday & Wednesday 16 & 17 July.

Alan Mayne won the Eqyptian, Steve Reynolds was runner up of the main event, which was won by Cas Sinclair.

NameH’cap Short H’cap
Alison Court166 bisques
Chris Evans103.5 bisques
Lorna Frost103.5/3.5 bisques
David Holland51.5 bisques
Barry Keen51.5 bisques
John Lambie2410 bisques
Kay Martin91.5/1.5 bisques
Alan Mayne02 peels
Barry McKenzie93 bisques
Margaret Moss229 bisques
Jo Pierpoint208 bisques
Steve Reynolds113.5/3.5 bisques
Nan Saul208/8 bisques
Richard Saul204/4 bisques
Mike Shelmerdine62 bisques
Cas Sinclair166 bisques
Carol Steinberg145 bisques
Brian Storey-1.53 peels