Bowdon vs Pinchbeck – ‘Mary Rose’ (1 July)

Bowdon beat Pinchbeck 4-3 in a closely fought match at Nottingham. The Bowdon team was:

The Pinchbeck team were:
Bob Thompson (1.5), Charles Ostler (2), Paul Heatherington (3), John Filsak (3)

Bowdon beat Pinchbeck 4-3 which was played at Nottingham. Pinchbeck went into the break 2-1 up after winning the doubles and one singles. However Bowdon pulled it back to 3-3 with one match left to play where Adrian Apps won his match, making it 4-3 Bowdon.

Martin & Alan lost to Bob & Charles -6
Will lost to Paul -13Adrian beat John +4
Martin beat Charles +19Alan lost to Bob -12
Will beat John +8Adrian beat Paul +7

Bowdon now play Newport (Essex) in the quarter final to be played by 2nd September.