Chester vs Bowdon – CA Inter – Club – Longman Cup (7 June)

Bowdon lost 0-7 at Chester in the second round of the Longman Cup

The Chester Team were:
David Boyd (5), David Guyton (6), James Thomas (14), Sally Slater (20)

David (H) lost to David (B) -10Andrew lost to David (G) -10
Mike lost to James -14Barry lost to Sally -10
Doubles: Mike and Barry lost toDavid and Sally -19
Andrew lost to James -26David (H) lost to David (G) -5

The singles were played first in the morning, due to the weather forecast, predicting heavy rain later in the afternoon. The rain did come and it was heavy, very heavy!

So Bowdon lost, we got absolutely soaked and went home with our tails between our legs. Other than that we had a great time!