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15th - 16th SEPTEMBER 2018

Mike Sandler wins the Sheila Black Salver beating Graham Good 2 games to nil in the final of the B-Level Advanced Weekend. In the process he reduced his handicap from 3.5 to 3.
12 players took part including 10 from Bowdon.


Winner: Mike Sandler

Winner of Egyptian Competition:
Charles Harding

 Mike Sandler & Graham Good

The weather generally held good except for a very wet blip at lunch-time on Sunday.

The Knock-Out final of best of three was won by Mike Sandler (for the third time) in two games +5 & +16. Graham Good was the gracious runner up.

As ever a huge amount was put into ensuring that the lawns were in good shape. Many thanks to Alan, John & Mike.

The event was managed by Charles Harding who also won the Egyptian event.

A very enjoyable week-end.





Adrian Apps  beat  Andrew Webb  +12T

Barry Keen   beat  Brian Kerr  +2

Charles Harding  beat  Sylvia Steer  +14T

Graham Good  beat  Barry McKenzie  +17



Barry Keen  beat  Adrian Apps  +13

Graham Good  beat  Charles Harding  +14T

Jerry Guest  beat  Andrew Thomson  +13

Mike Sandler  beat  Mike Steer  +1T



Graham Good  beat  Barry Keen  +12

Mike Sandler  beat  Jerry Guest  +13


FINAL (best of 3):-

Mike Sandler  beat  Graham Good  +5

Mike Sandler  beat Graham Good  +16



Andrew Thomson  beat  Brian Kerr  +2

Sylvia Steer  beat  Barry McKenzie  +10T

Mike Steer  beat  Andrew Webb  +12

Brian Kerr  beat  Barry McKenzie  +4T

Adrian Apps  beat  Andrew Thomson  +4T

Charles Harding  beat  Mike Steer  +1T

Sylvia Steer  beat  Andrew Webb  +9T

Barry Keen  beat  Jerry Guest  +17

Charles Harding  beat  Adrian Apps  +11T

Brian Kerr  beat  Sylvia Steer  +5T

Andrew Webb  beat  Barry McKenzie  +5T

Andrew Thomson  beat  Mike Steer  +7T

Charles Harding  beat  Barry Keen  +15

Adrian Apps  beat  Sylvia Steer  +18

Mike Steer  beat  Brian Kerr  +6

Jerry Guest  beat  Barry McKenzie  +10

Andrew Thomson  beat  Andrew Webb  +2



Mike Sandler   4/4

Charles Harding   4/5
Adrian Apps   3/5

Graham Good   3/5
Barry Keen   3/5
Andrew Thomson   3/5
Jerry Guest   2/4

Brian Kerr   2/5

Mike Steer   2/5

Sylvia Steer   2/5

Andrew Webb   1/5

Barry McKenzie   0/5

29 games (11 in Main Event, 18 in Consolotion Egyptian).