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NORTHERN WEEK - 6th to 11th JULY

A Class Winner: Andrew Winn is presented the trophy by Club President Colin Irwin

B Class Winner: Richard Williamson

Advanced Doubles Winners: Sylvia Steer & Colin Irwin

Handicap Winner: Mike Sandler

Handicap Doubles Winners: Barry McKenzie & Mike Sandler

Bowdon hosted the Northern Week Competition from Friday 6th to Wednesday 11th July. The competition was split into two halves: Advanced (from 6th to 8th July) and Handicap (from 9th to 11th July). There was one lawn available throughout the day for club members to use during the Handicap event.

There were 14 entries for the Advanced section and 10 entries for the Handicap section.
A total of 14 Bowdon members will be playing during the week.
They were, in the Advanced section:
Francois Garcia, Martin Granger Brown, Charles Harding, David Holland, Colin Irwin, Barry Keen, Mike Sandler, Andrew Winn, Mike Steer, Sylvia Steer.
And in the Handicap section:
Ken Cooper, Lorna Frost, Barry McKenzie, Steve Reynolds, Mike Sandler, Mike Steer, Sylvia Steer.