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Ivan Wheatley and Francois Garcia are looking to develop an approach in the North West Federation to Advanced Rules AC league play, and would like some information from Bowdon. If the NWF is to retain Advanced Rules AC league play there is a need, therefore, to look at all options available.

It is evident that, for a variety of reasons, the number of players that clubs can call upon to take part in Advanced Rules play are reducing and the current structure does not encourage new players to take up the game. A new structure is, therefore, needed which can be met by clubs' current players and, at the same time, enable the next generation of players to develop their skills. The task they have taken on is to try to find a league structure which will meet all of these requirements;  to do this they need some information about our current players.

Please tick your name on the sheet on the club notice board if you are interested in playing in the future for Bowdon in Advanced Rules matches, based on your current AC handicap; cross off if not.