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At the NWF AGM, a number of points were discussed/implemented:
- the present 'B' Advanced League is not working as a true B-level league and a study will be undertaken throughout the year into ways of progressing this and the possibility of re-introducing an A-League in the future; someone to assist in this work is sought
- any team wishing to provide lunches to visiting league teams may offer this rather than default to everyone supplying their own food
- under CA rules. any league team may play in matching coloured shirts, so the proposed motion was withdrawn; Bowdon's team colours will be white
- Bowdon will host the Millennium Advanced tournament on 14-15th April
- an essential guide to league rules will be supplied next year by the League Manager as a number of captains did not appear to understand them during this past season
- County GC captains are sought if any NW county wishes to enter the GC County Championship on August Bank Holiday
- clubs are invited to provide a date when they can host an A-Advanced Pop-Up event
- Paul Rigge succeeds Garry Wilson as NWF Chairman and Liz Wilson takes over from Bob Connop as NWF Treasurer

Please find attached copies of the Agenda for the AGM and Minutes of the Spring Meeting.
The presentation of prizes to the league winners was made after the AGM when Bowdon received the Short Croquet League
title trophy for a second year and the Level-Play Croquet League title trophy for a third year running.

Steve Reynolds collects the Short League trophy from new Chairman, Paul Rigge

Graham Good receives the Level-Play GC trophy from Paul Rigge

Bowdon CC plays in 6 leagues and have 1 or 2 teams in each

B-Level Advanced 1 1 - a weekend league: matches are usually played on a Sunday
Weekend Handicap 2 - St.Marys & Firs 2 - a weekend league: matches are usually played on a Sunday
Midweek Handicap 2 - Griffins & Earls 2 - a midweek league: away matches tend be played on a Wednesday but home matches are usually played on a Monday or a Friday (but not a Friday before a tournament)
Short Croquet 1 2 - a weekend league: we hope to enter another team comprising of newer members of the club so that they can gain experience; matches are usually played on a Sunday
Level-Play Golf Croquet 2 - Bandits & Sinners 1 - a midweek league: the 2 teams that we ran last year will now be amalgamated into 1 team; matches are usually played on a Thursday
Handicap Golf Croquet 1 1 - although a weekend league played on a Saturday, Bowdon are allowed to play their home matches on a Thursday

Any player wishing to play in any of the above leagues may sign up on the appropriate form on the Croquet Secretary's notice board; anyone wishing to be a team captain may also indicate this by Monday, 11th December, as we have to inform the NWF. Where 2 of our teams play in the same league, do not pick a team to play for as the team captains will get together to pick 2 balanced teams from the players wishing to play. The new second Short League team needs an experienced player to be captain.
A further sheet asks for volunteers to captain our CA knockout competition teams: Inter-Club AC, Inter-Club GC, Mary Rose Trophy & Longman Cup.

Congratulations go to Bowdon's Short Croquet Team, captained by John Haworth, who have gone the whole season undefeated and have retained the Short League title.
Also, Bowdon Bandits, under the captaincy of Alan Mayne, have also gone the whole season undefeated and have retained the Level-Play Golf League title.
Having completed all their matches, our B-Advanced League team, captained by Charles Harding, have finished in 2nd place, after winning it last season.
Bowdon Griffins finished mid-table in the Midweek Handicap League, captained by Carol Steinberg

Bowdon Earls, also in the Midweek Handicap League, ended 2 places ahead of the Griffins in 3rd place, under the captaincy of Barry McKenzie

Bowdon Sinners, captained by Ros Pimlott, finished in 5th spot out of 9 teams in the Level-Play Golf Croquet League

Bowdon St.Marys, in the Weekend Croquet Handicap League, finished in 3rd spot under the captaincy of Alan Mayne

Bowdon Firs, also in the Weekend Croquet Handicap League and captained by Steve Reynolds, finished in 7th place

Bowdon finished in 7th spot in the Golf Croquet Handicap League, under the captaincy of Leo Fletcher

See the actual NWF League Tables by clicking here