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A summer school was put on by the CA with the aim that they meet at least once a year to try to help develop and nurture young croquet talent in this country and, hopefully, bring them to a standard for consideration at world championship Under-21 levels in the future. Two of our young star players, Adam Swinton and Will Mellor were proposed, but only Adam was able to attend.

Summer School of Croquet

Following Councilís approval of creating a Summer School of Croquet for young players already with some background or connection with croquet, a two day coaching course was held at Wrest Park CC in late August. Unfortunately clashes with family holidays and other commitments at this busy time of year prevented some of the invited participants from attending. If the four that did manage to make the course are representative of the rest of the youth croquet talent in this country then look out for these guys in the future! The course included a short evaluation session from which it was easily discernible that all four were very competent stroke players. This impression was further reinforced over the two days as more tactical and demanding elements were introduced into the course. Both AC and GC codes were covered though the tendency was to look more towards AC simply because the average GC standard already seemed pretty high. It was an absolute joy to be with James, Adam, Eden and Albie over the two days and to get to know them better. Their youthful enjoyment and enthusiasm for the game is definitely infectious. Many thanks to the regional coaching officers and club coaches from Bowdon, Ipswich, Nailsea and Cheltenham clubs who nominated them for the School of Croquet and also for their parents for making and helping with travel arrangements. If you are aware of any other similar, young players who would benefit, and there are definitely many more yet to be reached, please get in touch and let me know for next yearís School of Croquet. The CA bursary scheme applies to travel and accommodation costs.

Report by Lionel Tibble,
International Performance Director