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Friday 25th August to Monday 28th August, 2017

David Maugham beat Marcus Evans +20qp, -14otp, +26tp, -10otp, +17qp to win the Faulkner Cup for the 11th time.

Winner: David Maugham

Presentation to Winner David Maugham

Presentation to Runner-Up Marcus Evans

Presentation to Plate Winner Joel Taylor

Thanks to Manager Ian Lines

A full field of 22 players, including some first timers at Bowdon like Nick Parish, enjoyed glorious weather for 4 whole days - the warmest August Bank Holiday in decades.  The lawns were significantly improved since June and were playing quite reasonably at about 11 Plummers.  Hoops were set to just under 1/32” on the largest ball in each set, and whilst conditions were still relatively easy once a break was established, there were still a number of breakdowns at hoops.


In the main event, Joel Taylor had good match wins against Ian Lines and Nick Parish, before losing to David Maugham in a semi-final where Joel had a few good finishing chances.  Joel has clearly improved significantly over the last year.  Marcus Evans was also playing as well as ever and beat James Hopgood in the other semi-final.  The final was closely fought - in game 2 Marcus finished off the contact, and in game 4 Marcus also hit in and finished after being tpoed when David failed hoop 4.  In the deciding 5th game, Marcus missed a 7 yarder for a reasonable tp chance and David had a tidy qp to win.


In the Plate, Mark Suter completed his first CA tournament sextuple against Paul Rigge, earning his Platinum Award, and Jerry Guest was almost as pleased with his triple against Debbie Lines.  The Plate knockout again saw Joel Taylor playing well with wins against James Hopgood and Robert Wilkinson, before beating Ian Lines in the final.


The catering at Bowdon was, as always, second to none, and many of the players also enjoyed a meal out on Friday to celebrate Alison’s birthday.  There was also an entertaining fish and chip supper at the club on Saturday, kindly organised by Liz Williams, and an excellent Chinese meal in Altrincham on Sunday.


But some of the greatest interest during the event was the collection of several hundred old croquet photos that Liz and Rupert Webb brought to the club - many hours were spent trying to identify old faces - some of these fantastic photos will be put online.


Many thanks are due to Bowdon for hosting this excellent event, particularly to the countless catering volunteers, to Barry Keen for setting the courts, to Alan Mayne and his team who mowed every morning and to Martin Granger-Brown for presenting the trophies.

  There were 4 Bowdon members playing:

Francis Garcia

David Maugham

Mike Sandler

Andrew Winn

The draw for the main event:

1st Round 2nd Round Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final
David Maugham
David Maugham +26sxp, +6

David Maugham +13tpo, +17tp

David Maugham +24tp, -17, +25tp

David Maugham +11tpo, +16, +20

Francois Garcia
Dennis Scarr James Hawkins +18, -6, +11

James Hawkins

Sam Murray

Sam Murray +7otp, +26

Dave Kibble

Ian Lines

Joel Taylor -22tp, +8tpo, +23tp

Joel Taylor +4, -16, +25tp

Joel Taylor

Nick Parish

Nick Parish -15, +25tp, +24tp

Mike Sandler

Miranda Chapman +22tp, +21
Mirander Chapman
Mark Suter

Mark Suter +23, +20tp

Mark Suter +21tp, +23

Marcus Evans +3tpo, +18tp

Marcus Evans +5tpo, +3tp

Jerry Guest
Debbie Lines
Andrew Winn +20, +26tp

Andrew Winn

Robert Wilkinson

Marcus Evans -26tp, +21, +8tpo

Marcus Evans

Chris Williams

Phillip Scarr -16, +3, +19tp

James Hopgood +21tp, +6

Phillip Scarr

Paul Rigge

James Hopgood +26tp, +13tpo

Alison Jones
James Hopgood +8, +26

James Hopgood

The Tollemache Plate draw:
James Hopgood

Joel Taylor +12

Joel Taylor +10

Joel Taylor

Joel Taylor
Andrew Winn
Robert Wikinson +9tp

Robert Wilkinson
Sam Murray

Mirander Chapman +17tp

Ian Lines +26tp

Mirander Chapman
Ian Lines
Ian Lines +20

Mark Suter

Finalists: Marcus Evans & David Maugham

Manager: Ian Lines

David Maugham

Marcus Evans

Andrew Winn

Debbie Lines

Dennis Scarr

Ian Lines

Jerry Guest

James Hawkins & Alison Jones

Mike Sandler

Mark Suter

Nick Parish

Paul Rigge

Phillip Scarr

Robert Wilkinson & Joel Taylor

Sam Murray

James Hopgood

James Hopgood, James Hawkins & Mike Sandler

Mirander Chapman



Francois Garcia   beat  Mike Sandler      +4

Dave Kibble       beat  Jerry Guest       +2

Dennis Scarr      beat  Alison Jones      +12

Ian Lines         beat  Francois Garcia   +24tp

Alison Jones      beat  Mike Sandler      +15

Robert Wilkinson  beat  Chris Williams    +4

Debbie Lines      beat  Paul Rigge        +16

Miranda Chapman   beat  Jerry Guest       +25

Dave Kibble       beat  Dennis Scarr      +18

Andrew Winn       beat  Francois Garcia   +20

Ian Lines         beat  Alison Jones      +20tp

James Hawkins     beat  Mike Sandler      +4

Jerry Guest       beat  Debbie Lines      +19tp

Mark Suter        beat  James Hawkins     +15

Paul Rigge        beat  Chris Williams    +12

Andrew Winn       beat  Dave Kibble       +20

Ian Lines         beat  Debbie Lines      +26tp

Dennis Scarr      beat  Mike Sandler      +16

Robert Wilkinson  beat  Miranda Chapman   +6

Mark Suter        beat  Paul Rigge        +26sxp

Marcus Evans      beat  Phillip Scarr     +6tpo

James Hopgood     beat  James Hawkins     +23tp

Dave Kibble       beat  Chris Williams    +24

Francois Garcia   beat  Alison Jones      +12

Robert Wilkinson  beat  Mike Sandler      +22tp

Mark Suter        beat  Phillip Scarr     +12

Ian Lines         beat  Dennis Scarr      +24tp

Miranda Chapman   beat  Andrew Winn       +22

Chris Williams    beat  Alison Jones      +2

Dave Kibble       beat  Mike Sandler      +24tp

Sam Murray        beat  Nick Parish       +6

Paul Rigge        beat  Jerry Guest       +14

Robert Wilkinson  beat  James Hawkins     +12tpo

Miranda Chapman   beat  Ian Lines         +26

Phillip Scarr     beat  Andrew Winn       +23tp

Nick Parish       beat  Alison Jones      +17tp

Francois Garcia   beat  Dennis Scarr      +5

Chris Williams    beat  Mark Suter        +9

Dave Kibble       beat  Paul Rigge        +21

Sam Murray        beat  Robert Wilkinson  +20

Ian Lines         beat  James Hawkins     +26tp

Nick Parish       beat  Phillip Scarr     +12tpo

Chris Williams    beat  Francois Garcia   +19

Mike Sandler      beat  Jerry Guest       +12

Andrew Winn       beat  Dennis Scarr      +20

Robert Wilkinson  beat  Ian Lines         +21

Paul Rigge        beat  Alison Jones      +19

Joel Taylor       beat  Dave Kibble       +20tp

James Hopgood     beat  Chris Williams    +13tp

James Hawkins     beat  Phillip Scarr     +5

Mark Suter        beat  Miranda Chapman   +6

Dennis Scarr      beat  Debbie Lines      +16

Alison Jones      beat  James Hawkins     +8

Phillip Scarr     beat  Francois Garcia   +26

Nick Parish       beat  Paul Rigge        +14

Sam Murray        beat  Alison Jones      +18

Debbie Lines      beat  Mike Sandler      +24tp

Andrew Winn       beat  James Hawkins     +26

Dennis Scarr      beat  Jerry Guest       +10

Paul Rigge        beat  Francois Garcia   +24tp

Phillip Scarr     beat  Alison Jones      +17

James Hopgood     beat  Mark Suter        +20tp

Mike Sandler      beat  Dennis Scarr      +4

Paul Rigge        beat  Robert Wilkinson  +2 

David Maugham (-2)    12/15 1sxp, 2qp, 4tp, 2tpo, 2otp

James Hopgood (-2)    10/13 5tp, 1tpo

Mark Suter (-2)        8/13 1sxp, 2tp

Miranda Chapman (-2)   6/12 2tp

Marcus Evans (-1.5)   10/14 3tp, 4tpo
Sam Murray (-1.5)      6/9 
Ian Lines (-1.5)       8/13 7tp

Dave Kibble (-1.5)     5/9  1tp, 1otp
Phillip Scarr (-1.5)   5/12 2tp
Chris Williams (-1.5)  4/10

Joel Taylor (-1.5)     8/13 3tp, 1tpo
Robert Wilkinson (-1)  7/12 3tp, 1tpo

Nick Parish (-1)       6/10 3tp, 1tpo

Andrew Winn (-1)       6/11 1tp

Paul Rigge (-0.5)      5/11 1tp

James Hawkins (-0.5)   4/13

Debbie Lines (-1)      2/7  1tp

Alison Jones (0)       2/12

Dennis Scarr (2.5)     5/12

Francois Garcia (2.5)  3/10

Mike Sandler (3.5)     2/11

Jerry Guest (3)        1/8  1tp


54 games in Main Event

71 games in Plate

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