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Saturday 10th June: Bowdon beat Southport 5-2  (Inter-Club Longman Cup)

Barry Keen (Capt.)

Graham Good

Graham Abraham

Will Mellor
Barry Keen (4) & Graham Good (7) lost to
Eileen Gallagher (10) & Gail Moore (20) -20
Graham Abraham (7) beat Pauline Rooner (20) +7
Will Mellor (8) beat Eileen Rossiter (14) +6
Barry Keen lost to Eileen Gallagher -7
Graham Abraham beat Eileen Rossiter +14
Graham Good beat Pauline Rooner +16
Will Mellor beat Gail Moore +10
Bowdon now meet the winners of the Chester/Bury match in the third round

Sunday, 11th June: Bowdon St.Mary's lost 1-6 at home to Southport (NWF Handicap League)

Alan Mayne (Capt.)

Graham Abraham

Kay Martin

Jo Pierpoint
Kay Martin (10) & Jo Pierpoint (20) lost to
Alan Pidcock (2) & Gail Moores (20) -2
Alan Mayne () lost to John Mawdsley (10) -24
Graham Abraham (7) lost to John Haslam (1) -6
Alan lost to John Haslam -1
Graham lost to Alan Pidcock -1
Kay beat John Mawdsley +1
Jo lost to Gail Moores -4

Sunday, 11th June: Bowdon lost 8-10 away to Fylde (NWF Handicap Golf League)

Leo Fletcher (Capt.)

Margaret Moss

Carol Sinclair

Hilary Kenny
Leo Fletcher & Margaret Moss lost their doubles game
Carol Sinclair & Hilary Kenny won their doubles game
Leo won 2 games
Margaret won 3 games
Carol won 0 games
Hilary won 2 games