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Club member David Maugham beat Paddy Chapman to win the Peterson Cup

Winner David Maugham being presented with the Peterson Cup by Club President Colin Irwin

Runner-up Paddy Chapman

                      Consolation Egyptian winner Mark Suter                             David giving his thankyou speech

There were 7 Bowdon players taking part:

David Maugham

David Walters

Andrew Winn

Richard Smith

Francois Garcia

Mike Sandler

Barry Keen

David Maugham won the Bowdon June Advanced Weekend, beating Paddy Chapman -26tp, +25tp, -14otp, +8, +17tp in the final. This ended Paddy’s impressive run of 6 successive victories in this event since 2011. Both played well, with just a few errors in the match, but I think David hit one or two more shots. Paddy had a excellent finish off the contact in game 3, starting at hoop 5.

The draw and details of the knock-out competition is shown below:
1st Round:
Quarter-Finals: Semi-Finals: Final:
Paddy Chapman
Mike Sandler

Paddy Chapman +22tp

Andrew Winn +19

Paddy Chapman +26tp

David Walters +22

Paddy Chapman +21tp, -17tp, +9qp

David Maugham +26tp, +17

Barry Keen
Andrew Winn
Mark Suter
Paul Rigge

Mark Suter +24

David Walters +21

Francois Garcia
David Walters

Ian Lines

Sam Murray +1T

Ian Lines +23tp

David Maugham +23tp

Alison Jones
Sam Murray
Debbie Lines
Richard Smith

Debbie Lines +16

David Maugham +25sxp

Jerry Guest
David Maugham

MAIN EVENT (21 games)

First Round        

David Maugham  beat  Jerry Guest     +25sxp

Andrew Winn    beat  Barry Keen      +19

Paddy Chapman  beat  Mike Sandler    +22tp

Mark Suter     beat  Paul Rigge      +24

David Walters  beat  Francois Garcia +21

Debbie Lines   beat  Richard H Smith +16

Sam Murray     beat  Alison Jones    +1(t)


Quarter Finals        

Paddy Chapman  beat  Andrew Winn     +26tp

David Walters  beat  Mark Suter      +22

David Maugham  beat  Debbie Lines    +23tp

Ian Lines      beat  Sam Murray      +23tp


Semi Finals (best of 3)        

David Maugham  beat  Ian Lines       +26tp, +17

Paddy Chapman  beat  David Walters   +21tp, -17tp, +9qp


Final (best of 5)        

David Maugham  beat  Paddy Chapman   -26tp, +25tp, -14otp, +8, +17tp


Barry Keen      beat  Jerry Guest     +24

Paul Rigge      beat  Mike Sandler    +9

Francois Garcia beat  Richard H Smith +26

Barry Keen      beat  Alison Jones    +21

Andrew Winn     beat  Jerry Guest     +17

Mark Suter      beat  Debbie Lines    +26tp

Richard H Smith beat  Mike Sandler    +26

Sam Murray      beat  Barry Keen      +15tp

Paul Rigge      beat  Francois Garcia +13

Andrew Winn     beat  Alison Jones    +10

Ian Lines       beat  Paul Rigge      +26tp

Mike Sandler    beat  Debbie Lines    +10

Mark Suter      beat  Richard H Smith +26tp

David Walters   beat  Sam Murray      +18

Ian Lines       beat  Barry Keen      +13

Mark Suter      beat  Andrew Winn     +21tp

Alison Jones    beat  Debbie Lines    +14

Francois Garcia beat  Mike Sandler    +21

Richard H Smith beat  Paul Rigge      +7

David Walters   beat  Andrew Winn     +25tp

Barry Keen      beat  Debbie Lines    +7

Sam Murray      beat  Jerry Guest     +6

Alison Jones    beat  Mike Sandler    +5

Mark Suter      beat  Ian Lines       +5

Paul Rigge      beat  Barry Keen      +24

Andrew Winn     beat  Francois Garcia +23

David Walters   beat  Richard H Smith +12

Mark Suter      beat  Paul Rigge      +26tp

Debbie Lines    beat  Jerry Guest     +9

Sam Murray      beat  Alison Jones    +16


Paddy Chapman (-2.5) 6/10  1 qp, 4 tps, 1 otp

David Maugham (-2.5) 7/9   1 sxp, 4 tps

Ian Lines (-2)       3/6   2 tps

David Walters (-2)   6/8   2 tps

Mark Suter (-1.5)    6/7   4 tps

Sam Murray (-1.5)    4/6   1 tp

Debbie Lines (-1)    2/7

Andrew Winn (-1)     4/7

Paul Rigge (-0.5)    3/7

Richard H Smith (-1) 2/6

Alison Jones (0)     2/6  

Barry Keen (4.5)     3/7

Francois Garcia (3)  2/5  

Jerry Guest (2.5)    0/5  

Mike Sandler (3.5)   1/6



Francois Garcia 3 to 2.5

David Maugham & Paddy Chapman starting play in the fifth and deciding game of the final

Manager Ian Lines (Nottingham)

David Maugham (Bowdon & Cheltenham)

Debbie Lines (Peterborough & Nottingham)

Mike Sandler (Bowdon)

Paul Rigge (Bury, Pendle & Liverpool)

Francois Garcia (Bowdon)

Sam Murray (Surbiton & Norwich) & Barry Keen (Bowdon)

Andrew Winn (Bowdon)

David Walters & Mike Sandler (Bowdon)

Mark Suter attempting a hoop...

... but has it gone through - Richard Smith checks it out

Alison Jones (Nailsea & Cheltenham)

Paddy Chapman (Nottingham)

David Walters (Bowdon)

Richard Smith (Bowdon & Shrewsbury)

Barry Keen (Bowdon)

Ian Lines (Nottingham)

Sam Murray
(Surbiton & Norwich)

A neat leave

... but to which club member do these shoes belong?
Thanks go to John Lucas for the photos

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