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  The NW Federation Spring Meeting was held at Culcheth Sports & Social Club, Charnock Road, Culcheth WA3 5SH.
The meeting covered many points that affect Bowdon, the salient ones being:

- Motions received in advance of the meeting

  • "The B-Level League requirement that the total number of bisques for the three players in a team should add up to a minimum of 6 be deleted; there should be no restriction but the minumum handicap for a player should remain at a half" was defeated
  • "The Short League time limits shall be 1 hour 30 minutes only and not include 15 minutes for double-banked games" was adopted
  • "The draft 2017 League Rules, incorporating those changes agreed at the Federation AGM in November 2016 and other items as identified separately in the pre-amble, be adopted for use in NWFCC league matches over the course of the 2017 season" was adopted
    • these changes include:
                    - Handicaps for doubles pairs are the average of the individual player’s handicaps in each pair.
                    - Handicap games shall be played full bisque to base 8
                    - Short Croquet games shall be full bisque handicap games played to time limits of 1 hour 30 minutes

- Under the banner of "Federation Flying Circus" Coaching, the current program includes

  • GC Coaching at Craig Y Don and Tattenhall Croquet Clubs
  • AC Silver Level Courses at Chester and Llanfairfechan Croquet Clubs

    In addition, CA Pods for AC will be hosted at both Bowdon & Bury Croquet Clubs; new CA Pods for GC will also, hopefully, be run.
    Anyone interested in attending any of these courses should contact the club's Croquet Secretary.

- Pop-up A-Class Tournaments will be instigated next season, i.e. 1-day events requiring 2 lawns at various clubs around the region.

Please click to obtain the Agenda, Draft League Rules and Minutes of the 2016 AGM, as appropriate.
Reports from this latest meeting can be found by clicking, as appropriate: 2017 League Rules
and 2017 Spring Minutes

See Bowdon team captains/representatives receiving their league trophies at the AGM, held in November, by clicking here