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2002 - 2007
30th Nov.
New member, Eila Higham, celebrates her 70th
21st Nov.
World of Croquet - new Secretary-General Martin French

20th Nov. Annual Dinner at Franc's Restaurant

20th Nov. Club members attended the 90th Annual General Meeting at the clubhouse

7th Nov.
Faults shown on video

1st Nov.
Kind words from Australia

15th Oct.
John Saxby gets CA Diploma
13th Oct.
Steve Reynolds wins Wednesday Comp. No. 26
6th Oct.
Janet Guthrie wins Wednesday Comp. No. 25
2nd Oct.
Bowdon win Mary Rose
29th Sept.
Carol Steinberg wins Wednesday Comp. No.24
26th Sept. Bowdon lose to Surbiton in semi-final of Inter-Club

26th Sept.
Elmyr Hughes wins B-Level Advanced Tournament

23rd Sept.
Griffins beat Westmorland Crake in the Midweek League

22nd Sept.
Frank Moir wins Wednesday Comp. No.23
19th Sept.
Ian Lines wins Southport Advanced Tournament  

19th Sept.
NW Federation League Matches

18th Sept.
Brian Rust wins Novices' Tournament

15th Sept.
Alan Mayne wins Wednesday Comp. No.22

12th Sept.
Richard Smith wins Royal Tunbridge Wells B-Level

12th Sept. Eights Week

12th Sept. Weekend League Matches
8th Sept. John Saxby honoured with CA Diploma

8th Sept. Alan Mayne wins Wednesday Comp. No.21

5th Sept. Midweek League Matches
5th Sept.
Weekend National & League Matches

2nd Sept. Midweek NW Federation League Matches

1st Sept.
Jean Teare & Frank Moir share Wed. Comp. No. 20

30th August
Keith Aiton wins North of England Championships
30th August
Barry Keen defends his title at Pendle
26th August
NW. Fed. Handicap - Pendle & Craven 4 St. Mary's 3

25th August
Jane Wilkinson  wins 11th Wild Wednesday
22nd August
Mark Lloyd wins Southport Super B tournament
22nd August
NW. Fed. Handicap - St. Mary's 5 Bury Peelers 2
22nd August
David Walters in Welsh team that win World Championship Tier 2
22nd August
Three Bowdon members in GB team that wins MacRobertson Shield
19th August
NW.Fed.Golf - Bowdon  9  Fylde 13

18th August
John Lucas wins Wednesday Comp. No. 18
17th August
NW Fed. Midweek - Earls and Griffins both lose 4-3
15th August
NW Fed. Handicap - Bowdon 4 Bury Caesars 3
14th August
Barry Keen picked to play for CA v Swiss CA team
14th August
NW Fed. Golf - Llanfairfechan   Bowdon
11th August
Colin Irwin, Richard Ellis and Joan Spilsbury win Wednesday Comp. no. 17
10th August
Test Match: Great Britain 12 USA 9
3rd August
NW Federation 11 Australia 29
2nd August
Margaret Russell plays in Southwick Alternate Doubles
2nd August
David Walters wins Plate in Welsh Open
2nd August
NW Fed. Adv: Fylde 5 Bowdon 4
1st August
NW Fed. Handicap:Pendle & Craven 3 Bowdon Firs 4
29th July NW Fed. League Matches: Golf v. Chester, Handicap v. Pendle
28th July Cheshire NW win 6th Alternative Counties Competition
27th July National CA Comp. Mary Rose v. Bristol
27th July NW Federation League Matches
22nd July
Northern Week
15th July Extraordinary General Meeting
15th July Bowdon Griffins beat Fylde 5-2 in NW Fed. Midweek League
14th July Alan Mayne wins Wednesday Competition No. 16
11th July NW Fed. League matches over the weekend
7th July Frank Moir wins Wednesday Competition No. 15
6th July Players of a Bygone Age
5th July MacRob Polo Shirts on Sale
4th July Alan Mayne wins Bury Advanced Weekend
4th July Bowdon players improve on their qualifications
4th July
NW Fed. League matches over the weekend
30th June
Alan Mayne wins Wednesday Competition No. 14
26th June
Bowdon finish in last place in Club Championship
24th June Sue & Ken Cooper do well at Cheltenham
24th June
NWFed. Midweek League: Southport 4 Bowdon 3
23rd June
Mary Rose team beat Newport 5-2
23rd June
Steve Lewis wins Wed. Comp. No. 13
16th June
Frank Moir wins Wed. Comp. No. 12
15th June
Club BBQ
13th June
Scottish CA v Welsh CA
13th June
NW Fed. Advanced League: Southport 1 Saints 8
13th June
NW Fed. Handicap League:  Bowdon Firs 3 Bury Peelers 4
12th June
NW Fed. Handicap League: Southport 4 Bowdon St. Marys 3
12th June
Longman Cup: Southport 4 Bowdon 3
10th June
NW Fed. Golf  League: Bowdon 16 Pendle 6
9th June
Janice Moir wins Wed. Comp. No. 11
6th June
NW Federation Short Croquet league:  Southport 7 Bowdon 9
6th June
David Maugham wins Peterson Cup for 11th time

3rd June
NW Fed. Advanced League
2nd June
Ken Cooper wins Wed. Comp. No. 10
1st June
Cheshire 6th in Counties
26th May
Steve Lewis wins Wed. Comp. No.9
23rd May Great weekend for Ian Lines
23rd May
Richard Smith wins Pendle B-Level Advanced Weekend
23rd May
Bowdon drew with Pendle & Craven 8-8 in NW Fed. Short Croquet League
20th May
Bowdon Griffins beat Bury in NW Fed. Midweek League
19th May
Ken Cooper wins Wed. Comp. No. 8
18th May
Bowdon Earls lose to Southport in NW Fed. Midweek League
16th May Bowdon beat Cheltenham 7-0 in Mary Rose match
16th May NW Fed. Flying Circus visits Bowdon for Silver Gilt Course
16th May Bowdon have 4 players at Millennium Handicap at Chester
15th May Martin Granger Brown wins Doubles at Budleigh Salterton
15th May Bowdon beat Southport in Golf Croquet League match
12th May
Sheila Sandham wins Wed. Comp. No.7
10th May Bowdon Earls beat Bowdon Griffins in NWFML
9th May
League matches and competitions over the weekend
5th May
Jane Wilkinson wins Wed. Comp. No.6
4th May New Beginners' Course attracts 20 people
3rd May
John Lucas wins Bowdon May Handicap Weekend
28th April Barry McKenzie wins Wed. Comp. No. 5
25th April
NW. Fed. Short League - Chester 12 Bowdon 4

25th April
Taster Course held at Bowdon
25th April
Ian Lines (A Class) and Mark Lloyd (B Class) win at Heaton Park
21st April
John Lucas wins Wed. Comp. No. 4
21st April
Ian Lines wins Jubilee Tankard at Southport Open Weekend
18th April
NW. Fed. Handicap League - Firs 4 St. Mary's 3
14th April
Elmyr Hughes wins Wed. Comp. No. 3
11th April
Ian Lines wins Lancashire International Golf Tournament
11th April
NW. Fed. Advanced League - Saints 6 Canons 3
10th April
Hot Pot Supper
10th April
Beginners' Refresher Course
7th April
Messrs. Tunbridge, Wilkinson and Davies wins Wed. Comp. No. 2
4th April
Ian Lines becomes Championship Referee
31st March
Alan Mayne wins Wednesday Comp. No. 1
26th March
Spring Cleaning
21st March
Flying Circus Courses
21st March
The Bowdon Blog
13th March
Barry Keen ran a Referees' Examination day
7th March
Bowdon Calendar
6th March Minutes of the NW Fed. Spring Meeting
24th January
Ian Lines Plays in New Zealand Open
18th January
Bowdon's Latest Recruit
10th January
Bowdon Teams in NW Federation Leagues
5th January
Snow at Bowdon                                                  
1st January
Results of Internal Club Comps. 2009
1st January Scrabble & Canasta sessions
1st January End of Season Ladders 2009

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