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2002 - 2007

4th December Photo Archives

4th December Lawns are still unplayable

1st December Pendle & Craven C.C. Party Invitation

22nd November Annual Dinner

22nd November AGM

8th November 2008 NW Federation AGM
22nd October John Leckie wins first Winter One-Ball Competition

15th October Steve Lewis is overall Wednesday Competition 2008 winner while Sue Cooper wins Wednesday Comp. No. 26
13th October End of Season Ladders: David Maugham wins Level Ladder & Patrick Cheyne wins Handicap Ladder

8th October John Leckie wins Wednesday Comp. No. 25
8th October Mystery Sheik buys Bowdon Griffins

5th October League wins for Bowdon St.Marys & Short teams

1st October
Lorna Frost wins Wednesday Comp. No. 24
29th September A new vision of 'Lady Justice' arrives in Altrincham
28th September
Mark Lloyd wins Bowdon B competition
27th September
NW Fed. Advanced League: Pendle 6 Bowdon 3
27th September Bowdon does the double!

27th September
Griffins are Midweek champions after 5-1 win at Pendle
27th September
Short Croquet team win at Llanfairfechan and are champions
26th September
NW Fed. Midweek League: Pendle 1 Bowdon Griffins 5
26th September Mary Rose: Pendle 4 Bowdon 3
23rd September
NW Fed. Handicap League: Pendle 4 Bowdon 2
24th September
Sue Cooper wins Wednesday Comp. No. 23
21st September
Elmyr Hughes wins Heaton Park Handicap Weekend
21st September
NW Fed. Handicap League, Bowdon St. Mary's 2 Chester 4
17th September
Chris Lewis wins Wednesday Comp. No. 22
14th September
Roy Edwards wins East Dorset Handicap Doubles
14th September
Ian Lines wins Southport Advanced
14th September
David Maugham runner-up in South of England Champs
14th September
NW Fed. Short League, Bowdon beat Bury 13-3
11th September
NW Fed. Midweek League, Griffins beat Chester 4-2
10th September
Steve Lewis wins Wednesday Comp. No. 21
Robert Fulford win President's & Ian Lines the Chairman's
31st August
Richard Griffiths wins Bournemouth Bowl
31st August
David Tunbridge wins All England Handicap Area Final
31st August
Bowdon Firs draw with Bury
27th August
Ken Cooper wins Wednesday Comp. No. 19
25th August
David Maugham wins the Faulkner Cup
19th August NW Fed.Handicap League, Griffins away to Pendle rained off
17th August Edgbaston Advanced Tournament
17th August Ian Lines wins Musk Cup
17th August NW Fed.Advanced League, Saints beat Crake 5-4
17th August Alan Mayne & Margaret Russell play Southwick
12th August Water-Logged Bowdon Lawns
10th August Ian Lines wins Crake Valley Advanced Weekend
10th August Bowdon Canons beat Bury 4-2
7th August Golf Croquet comes to Bowdon
6th August Ros Pimlott & Alan Mayne share Wednesday Comp. No.16
3rd August Bowdon players in Southport 'B' Level Advanced Weekend
3rd August Bowdon beat Chester in Short League
3rd August David Walters plays in the Welsh Championship
3rd August
David Maugham wins Tyneside Advanced Tournament
30th July Margaret Russell wins Wild Wednesday
28th July Bowdon Griffins beat Fylde
27th July David Maugham wins The Eastern Championship
27th July Bowdon Canons beat Southport Sandgrounders
24th July
Northern Week
20th July Latest Ladders
19th July
Bowdon St. Mary's draw at Pendle
16th July
Alan Mayne and Lorna Frost share Mars Bars
13th July
Canons beat Fylde
12th July
Inter-Club team lose to Surbiton
6th July
Bowdon Saints beat Southport Duke's Follies 6-0
5th July
Bowdon Short team draw 8-8 at Fylde
5th July
Bowdon Canons game at Pendle is a wash-out
5th July
Solomon Cup
3rd July
Alan Mayne wins Wednesday Comp. No. 12
2nd July
Bowdon beat USA!!
1st July Lawn Maintenance

30th June
Bowdon win Club Championship
30th June
David Maugham wins the East Midlands Championships
26th June Bowdon Griffins lost 4-2 at Southport
25th June
Lancs are Alternative Counties Champions
22nd June Pendle & Craven Millennium Handicap Tournament
22nd June Mark Lloyd wins B-Level Advanced Weekend at Bristol
22nd June David Walters wins Heaton Park June Advanced Weekend
22nd June Bowdon Canons lost 6-0 to Southport Duke's Folly in Advanced League
22nd June Bowdon St.Mary's lose 4-2 to Bury Peelers in Handicap League
22nd June Martin Granger Brown wins the CA Veterans Championship
18th June Barbeque a great success!
15th June Bowdon beat Bath 4-3 in the Mary Rose Trophy
15th June Bowdon lost 6-1 to Fylde in the 2nd Round of the Longman Cup
14th June Bowdon St.Mary's lost Fylde 5-1 in the NW Fedn. Handicap League
14th June Bowdon Saints beat Fylde 4-2 in the NW Fedn. Advanced League
12th June Beginners' Course comes to an end
8th June NW Handicap League, Chester 3-3 Firs
8th June Pendle & Craven Advanced Weekend
8th June Men's Championship
6th June Latest Bowdon Level and Handicap Ladders
4th June John Saxby wins Wednesday Comp. No. 9
1st June High Speed Footage of Ian Lines
1st June
The June Advanced Weekend
29th May The Greek Open Croquet Tournament
28th May
Frank Moir wins Wednesday Comp. No. 8

28th May Southport Handicap Weekend managed by Barry Keen
24th May Cheshire finish second in County Championship
21st May
Steve Lewis wins Wednesday Comp. No. 7
19th May
NW Midweek League: Griffins draw 3-3 with Bury
18th May
Ros Pimlott wins at Ripon
18th May
NW Handicap League: Bowdon St. Mary's win 4-2 at Crake
18th May
NW Handicap League: Bowdon Firs win 6-0 at Southport
18th May
NW Short League: Bowdon beat Southport 10-6 at home
18th May
Ian Lines wins the Cheltenham Advanced Tournament

14th May
Frank Moir wins Wednesday Comp. No. 6
11th May
Janet Guthrie and Philip Hunter win 2007 Doubles Competition
11th May
Mary Rose: Bowdon win 5-1 at Wrest Park
11th May
NW Handicap League: Firs 2 Fylde 4
10th May
NW Advanced League: Bury 1 Bowdon Saints 5 (but lose on points)
7th May
Record attendance at beginners' course
7th May
Ken Cooper wins Wednesday Comp. No. 5
5th May
Ian Lines wins the Coles Championship
5th May
Keith Aiton wins Westerns beating Marcus Evans in final

5th May
Ros Pimlott wins May Weekend Handicap
30th April Lorna Frost & Patrick Cheyne were joint winners of Wed. Comp. No.4
30th April Access the Bowdon Crosswords that were set up over the winter
27th April NW Fed. League Matches: Southport Sandgrounders v. Saints (Adv.), Firs v. Bury Peelers (H'cap)
23rd April Sue Cooper wins Wed. Comp. Week No.3
20th April Ros Pimlott wins Pendle Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament
20th April Ian Lines wins Southport Advanced Weekend
20th April Saints narrowly beat Canons in North West Advanced League
16th April Margaret Russell wins Wed. Comp. Week No.2
15th April What's your aim?
13th April St. Mary's draw with Firs in NW Handicap League
12th April Hot Pot Supper
12th April Training Day
9th April John Wilkinson wins first Wed. Comp
6th April What a difference a day makes!
6th April Neil Williams Millennium Trophy, Heaton Park
5th April Lawns officially opened
5th April New cleaner at the club
1st April To whet the appetite for the new season the Bowdon Blog is again bringing you a potted history of what happened last year.
1st April Congratulations go to club coaches Lorna Frost and Ken Cooper who have recently been awarded their C.A. Grade 1 Coaching badges and to Ian Lines who got his Grade 3 award.

1st April It was reported that croquet heads the list of new events for inclusion in the London Olympics
1st April
See Paddy Chapman of New Zealand do some amazing break play
22nd March
John Lucas wins first comp. of the season
16th March
Ian Lines wins Plate in World Golf Croquet Championships
28th February
The Scrabble Group
24th February
Andrew Winn wins in South Africa (again!!)
17th February
Club Renovations over the Winter period
17th February End of Barlow Balls
14th February
A Few Facts to Emerge after the Recent World Championship
10th February
2008 World Championship, New Zealand
30th January
Jenny Williams and Chris Clarke marry
26th January
Want to be a coach?
20th January
Keith Aiton gets to NZ Open Quarter-Finals
19th January
24th November Annual Dinner Raffle Prize Winners

24th November AGM Prize Winners

11th November 2007
NW Federation AGM Minutes


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