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4th November
Ian Lines ninth in Australian Open
24th October
Ken Cooper wins Bowdon One-ball Tournament
21st October
Lawns 1 and 2 are closed

19th October
Richard Griffiths has fine send off

17th October
Alan Mayne wins Wed. Comp. No.27 and John Saxby is 2007 Champ.
10th October
Francois Garcia wins Wednesday Comp. No.26
7th October
Inter-Club team beaten by Bristol in Final
3rd October
Ken Cooper wins Wednesday Comp. No.25
30th September
Mike Sandler wins Bowdon 'B' Tournament
22nd September
Barry McKenzie won the Novices Tournament
22nd September
Dennis Graham won the Devonshire Park Salver for B-level advanced play at the Southern Week at Compton Croquet Club in Eastbourne

16th September
Ian Lines wins Southport Advanced Weekend
16th September
Bowdon beat Hurlingham in Inter-Club semi-final
15th September
Bowdon lose to Pendle in Mary Rose semi-final
12th September
Alan Mayne wins Wednesday Comp. No. 22
9th September
Bowdon players in Eights Week
9th September
Bowdon Saints lose at home to Bury in Advanced League
9th September
Short team win at Bury
8th September
Fylde beat Firs in Handicap league
5th September
John Saxby & Frank Moir share Wednesday Comp. No. 21
2nd September
St.Mary's lose to Chester in Handicap League
2nd September
All England Area Final at Pendle
29th August
John Lucas wins Wednesday Comp. No. 20
27th August
Reg Bamford wins N. of England Championships
26th August
Firs beat Pendle in Handicap league
22nd August
Ros Pimlott wins Wednesday Comp. No. 19
22nd August
Griffins lose at Chester
19th August
Canons lose to Southport in Advanced League but gain points
19th August
Ian Lines wins the Musk Cup
18th August
Firs lose at Caesars in Handicap league
16th August
Liz Webb third in Parkstone Over 50's
15th August
John Saxby and Keith James share Mars Bar No. 18
12th August
Ian Lines runner-up at Bristol
12th August
St.Mary's top after beating Fylde
11th August
Saints win at Pendle
8th August
Francois Garcia wins Wild Wednesday
6th August
Griffins lose at Fylde: NW Midweek League
5th August
Andrew Winn wins Southport 'B' Tournamnent
5th August
Firs draw away at Bury Peelers: NW Handicap League
5th August
David Maugham wins Tyneside Open with 6 sextuple peels
1st August
Ken Cooper wins Wednesday Comp. No. 16
31st July
Bowdon at home to Pendle & Craven in Mary Rose semi-final
30th July
Bowdon Canons beat Crake Valley in NW Advanced League
29th July
Bowdon St.Mary's lost to Pendle & Craven in NW Handicap League
29th July
Bowdon Saints win at Crake Valley in NW Advanced League
29th July
David Maugham wins Eastern Championship
26th July
Ailsa Lines cleans up at the Northerns
22nd July
Colin Irwin won the 5th German Open in Hamburg
18th July
Cecil Davies wins Wednesday Comp. No. 15

15th July
Bowdon Canons beat Bury at Heaton Park in Advanced League
15th July
Bowdon Firs draw with Southport in Handicap League
15 July
4 Bowdon players in British Open Championship
13th July
Bowdon Griffins draw with Pendle & Craven in Midweek League
12th July
Liz Webb wins Egyptian at Cheltenham Mid-Week Tournament
11th July
Alan Mayne wins Wednesday Comp. No. 14

8th July
Richard Griffiths in World Championship
8th July
Short Team draw with Llanfairfechan
7th July
Bowdon though to Semi-Final of Inter-Club
4th July
Bowdon defeat Colchester in Mary Rose Quarter-Final
4th July
Yorkshire win Alternative Counties Tournament
1st July
Bowdon win NW Federation of Croquet Clubs Championship
1st July
David Walters helps Wales win Euro Championship
30th June
Alan Linton wins Parkstone doubles
27th June
John Saxby wins Wednesday Comp. no. 13
25th June
NW Midweek League: Griffins beat Chester 5-1
24th June
Adam Swinton wins Swinging Sunday
24th June
Dennis Graham wins Bristol 'B'
24th June
Richard Griffiths captains CA versus CA of Ireland
23rd June
Mike Steer wins Sidmouth 'B'
23rd June
Martin Granger Brown wins award in Veterans
21st June
Barbecue a great success!
20th June
The Lewis's share Mars Bar Comp. no. 12
17th June
Home Internationals
17th June
Andrew Winn does first Triple Peel at Edgbaston
17th June
NW Short League: Southport 7 Bowdon 9
14th June
Beginners Course brings in new members
13th June
John Lucas wins Wednesday Comp. no. 11
10th June
NW Handicap League: Bury Ceasars 5 Bowdon St. Mary's 1
10th June
NW Handicap League: Crake Valley 3 Bowdon Firs 3
10th June
NW Short League: Fylde 6 Bowdon 10
6th June
Richard Griffiths wins Wednesday Comp. no. 10
4th June
NW Midweek League: Bury 6 Bowdon Griffins 0
4th June
NW Advanced League: Bowdon Canons 3 Pendle 3
3rd June
David Maugham wins June Advanced Weekend
1st June
NW Midweek League: Pendle 4 Bowdon Griffins 2
30th May
Janice Moir wins Wednesday Comp. no. 9
29th May
Cheshire finish in second place in Inter-Counties
27th May
NW Short League: Bowdon beat Chester 10-6
24th May
Steve Lewis wins Wednesday Comp. no. 8
21st May
Bowdon beat Chester in Mary Rose
20th May
Bowdon lose to Ashby in Longman Cup
17th May
John Saxby wins Wednesday Comp. no. 7
14th May
Griffins beat Fylde in Midweek League
13th May
Firs draw with Chester while St.Mary's beat Bury Peelers
9th May
Keith James wins Wednesday Comp. No.6
7th May
David Holland wins May Handicap Weekend
7th May
Ian Lines runner-up in Coles and winner of Plate Event
7th May
Keith Aiton beats David Maugham in Westerns final
2nd May
Ken Cooper wins Wednesday Comp. No.5
29th April
NW Advanced League: Bowdon Canons beat Bowdon Saints 6-0
28th April
NW Short League: Bowdon lose away to Pendle & Craven
25th April
Ros Pimlott wins Wednesday Comp. No. 4
22nd April
David Maugham wins Jubilee Tankard at Southport Advanced Weekend
22nd April
NW Handicap League: St.Mary's lose to Crake Valley
18th April
John Wilkinson wins Wednesday Comp. No. 3
16th April
NW Midweek League: Griffins lose to Bury
15th April
NW Handicap League: St.Mary's beat Firs 4-2
15th April
Ian Lines wins Lancashire Golf Title
14th April
Hot-pot Supper

14th April
David Holland wins 2006 14-pt Handicap
11th April
Ros Pimlott wins Wednesday Comp. No. 2
4th April
Janice Moir wins Wednesday Comp. No. 1
1st April
Ian Lines wins Neil Williams Trophy
31st March
Lawns ready to open
24th March
Shed Arrives in Bits!!
11th March
Referee's Course hailed a great success
10th March
North-West Federation Spring Meeting minutes
9th March
Website Anniversary
25th February
New Improvements at the Club
24th February
Andrew Winn's  Clean Sweep in South Africa
21st January
Ian Lines plays in New Zealand Open Championship
7th January
Ian Lines plays in New Zealand South Island Championship
1st January
North West Federation A.G.M. Minutes
1st January
Andrew Winn wins our Christmas Quiz with Janice Moir second

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