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                                2004 NEWS ITEMS

Ian Lines wins Hamptworth Christmas Tournament (28/12/04)
Dig and Dinner
Andrew Winn wins 'B' Class (10/10/04)
Janet Guthrie wins Wednesday seasonal award (06/10/04)
Advanced team win championship (05/10/04)
Bowdon Firs win first match of season against Bury Peelers (03/10/04)
Narrow defeat by Bristol in Inter-Club (26/09/04)
Peter Gibson wins Novices Tournament (25/09/04)
Steve Lewis/Barry Keen win Doubles (24/09/04)
Ian Lines wins Southport September Open (19/09/04)
Rupert runner-up at Sidmouth (19/09/04)
Last Bowdon team to visit Pendle College lawns (21/09/04)
No luck for Bowdon at Parkstone (14/09/04)
Lorna Frost and Wilko share Mars Bar (15/09/04)
Aliens repelled - meadow grass eliminated!(12/09/04)
David Maugham wins President's and Ian Lines the Chairmans(12/09/04)
Advanced Team beat South Lakes (07/09/04)
Short League team beat Bury (5/9/04)
David Walters runner-up in USA (28/8/04)
North of England Championships (27/8/04)
Northern week (21/8/04)
Advanced Team beat Bury (15/8/04)
Mary Rose team beaten at Southport (15/8/04)
Longman Cup team lose at Nottingham (15/8/04)
NW Fed. retain Pennine Cup
Griffins draw with Pendle (9/8/04)
Inter-club beat Medway (8/8/04)
Short team beat Southport (8/8/04)
Bowdon pair win mixed doubles
Jane Wilkinson wins Wild Wednesday
Advanced team draw at Pendle (31/7)
Janet Guthrie wins 2003 Short trophy (30/7)
Good-luck to the Lintons (29/7)
St. Mary's lose unbeaten run to Chester
Advanced team draw in rain at Southport (25/7)
Solomon Cup held at Heaton Park
Short team win at Westmorland
Advanced team win at Bury
Bowdon makes croquet more difficult
Barry Gibson from the USA
Ken Cooper wins 2003 14-pt Handicap
Ailsa Lines wins  Pendle Advanced
Ken Cooper runner-up at Nottingham
Bowdon St.Mary'sv. Bury and Chester v. Bowdon Firs
Sylvia Steer wins Edgbaston Tournament
Club BBQ pictures
Dave Maugham wins Bowdon June Advanced
Cheshire win Counties (30/5/04)
Andrew Winn & Chris Lewis win 2003 Doubles
Longman Cup Win (23/5/04)
Double Win against Southport (8/5/04)
Short Team Win (8/5/04)
Andrew Winn wins May Week-end
Dave Maugham Runner-up in Westerns
Hot Pot Supper Great Success
Things to Do on a Tuesday in February
Rupert Webb in Florida semi-final