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Club Competitions

The club organises a variety of internal (knockout) competitions. For  the latest draw information click on the appropriate link in the list below:

The 'A' Class Tournament

The 'B' Class Tournament
The 'C' Class Tournament
The 'D' Class Tournament
The 'E' Class Tournament

The Silver Box Handicap Tournament

The Silver Plate Tournament
The Short Croquet Tournament
The Golf Croquet Handicap
The Golf Croquet Level-Play Tournament
The 14 point Advanced Turnament
The 14 point Handicap Tournament
The Handicap Doubles Tournament

Previous  Winners of Club Competitions
The 'A' Class Tournament previous winners
The 'B' Class tournament previous winners
The 'C' Class tournament previous winners
The 'D' Class tournament previous winners
The 'E' Class tournament previous winners
The Silver Box Handicap Tournament previous winners
The Silver Plate Handicap Tournament previous winners
The Short Croquet Tournament previous winners
The Handicap Golf Croquet Tournament previous winners
The Level-Play Golf Croquet Tournament previous winners
The 14 point Tournaments previous winners
The Handicap Doubles Tournament previous winners
The Ladders previous winners
The Novices  Tournament previous winners
The Wild Wednesday previous winners
The Wednesday Season Award previous winners

Historical Notes on Club Competition Trophies

Many of the club trophies have been redesignated over the years for various reasons.  The lists of names above give the winners of the particular class of competition rather than the names shown on each trophy.

In particular, the “A”, “B” and “C” Class trophies have a common linkage in that they were all purchased by the club in 1913 and stored in the vaults of Barclays Bank, Altrincham, from 1939 until 1976, when it was discovered that the A Class trophy was missing, and with it the only record of prior winners.  In consequence, the old B and C Class trophies were promoted, and the winner of the A Class event now holds what was originally the B Class trophy, while B Class winners hold the original C Class trophy. 

The trophies still carry the names of their original holders so that each carries part of the engraved record of two competitions.  For the sake of historical record, the winners of the Class are listed on the various winners pages. Inspection of the trophies will show the curious at which point the transfer was made.

A Class Club Championship Open

B Class

C Class - The Allen Bowl was presented to the club as a replacement C Class trophy in 1979 by Mr. Christopher Hudson (then President, and member 1973 to date), and drew on his wife’s maiden name for its title.  From all the above it can be deduced that the names of the C Class winners prior to 1979 will be found on the trophy now held by winners of the B Class.

D Class

The E Class cup was presented to the club in 1991 to allow players of all abilities to enjoy competitive croquet.

The Silver Box, a silver cigarette box, was given for handicap play by Miss N. Ford-Smith in 1930, a member from 1913 to 1967 (the longest serving member).  She was elected a member of the club committee from 1915 to 1949, during which time she was the secretary of the club from 1919 to 1946.

The Gladys Johnson Cup , for handicap doubles, was presented to the club in 1966 by the family of Miss Gladys Johnson as a memorial after her death, together with a legacy of £40.  Miss Johnson had been a member of the club from 1914 until her death in 1966.  It was originally competed for as a doubles prize during an American Tournament and it became the club handicap doubles trophy in 1971.

The Short Croquet Tankard
was presented by the club to officially recognise the development of the small lawn game. In 2013, i
n memory of Professor John Larmouth who died in the summer, Carol Larmouth has donated to the club a fine plated cup to be presented to future Short Croquet winners. The cup will be known as the John Larmouth Short Croquet Trophy, and is engraved as such. The names of winners since 2000 have already been engraved on the plinth.

The Fotiadi Novices Silver Challenge Bowl was given by Mrs. Alexandra Fotiadi, who was a member from 1939 until her death in 1990.  President of the club from 1972 to 1981, she was for many years one of the best women players in the country.  Her generosity to the club over the years in donating cash sums for various projects, provided the springboard for its re-generation in the late 1970s.  The term “Novices” has changed over the years, ranging as high as handicap 10, but since the 1990’s covering only newcomers in their first season.

The Wild Trophies were given for club competitions in 1989 by Mr. Colin Wild, who has been a member since 1983.  They were among many won by Mr. Wild in his days as a competitive car rally and racing driver “before the war”.

The Faulkener Cup was purchased for the winner of the Championship of the North of England from a gift by Mrs. Faulkener in memory of her late husband Ronald (member 1963-78). At his best he had been selected to play in the Surrey Cup (now the Spencer-Ell trophy) and was the last winner of the old Northern Championship in 1956 before its revival at Bowdon in 1971.

The Tollemache Plate was purchased in 1982 for the 'winner' of the plate (3rd place) in the Northern Championships. Its name commemorates our link with Lord Tollemache who had been a member from 1920-40. A famous croquet player in his day, he entertained royalty to croquet at his home in Peckforton Castle and wrote a substantial treatise on the style and tactics of the game. 

The Pidcock Mallets
were made by Prof. Alan Pidcock (member since 1990), maker of the popular Manor House mallets, and presented for Handicap Doubles in the Northern Championship week.

The Millenium Candlesticks
were given in 2000/01 by the Honorary Club Secretary Mr. Martin Granger Brown (member 1969-73 and and since 1981) as a trophy for the Northern Open Doubles, the only Club competition he had ever won!   

The Peterson Cup was given by Mrs. Heather Peterson (1984-97) as a challenge trophy for the June Advanced weekend.

The Reed Cup was given in 1922 by Mr. and Mrs. H A Reed (members 1914-29) for the Open A Class singles in the Club's main tournament.  Between 1981-90 this splendid trophy marked the handicap singles at the Northern week and from 1992 the May handicap weekend.
The Lines Trophies were given in 2002 by Mrs. Ailsa Lines for the new club 14-point competitions inaugurated in that year. A member since 1993 and a past winner of the CA Ladies' Steel and Barlow Bowls, Mrs. Lines became the highest ranked UK player in 2002.

The Colin Wild Plate was given in 2015 by Mr.s Elizabeth Wild in memory of Colin Wild, a club member since 1983, for the new club Silver Plate competition for first round losers of the Silver Box competition. Colin was a well liked and respected member of the club who won a number of club competitions including: B Class, C Class, Handicap Doubles and Novices Trophy.
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