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19th December
Colin Irwin wins Winter One-ball Comp. No. 6

14th December
Wales win Division 2 of World Golf Championship

28th November
Barry Keen wins Winter One-ball Comp. No.5

23rd November
Annual Dinner

21st November
Alan Mayne wins Winter One-ball Comp. No.4

17th November
Annual General Meeting

14th November
Joan Spilsbury wins Winter One-ball Comp. No.3
7th November
Alan Mayne wins Winter One-ball Comp. No.2

5th November
Centenary Gates installed at the club

3rd November
Bowdon CC wins league title trophies at NWF AGM

31st October
Neil Thompson wins Winter One-ball Comp. No. 1

27th October
 Ailsa Lines reaches the Women's World Quarter-final
24th October
Andrew Kenyon wins Wednesday Comp. No. 26
23rd October Ian Lines Collects his Outstanding Achievement Award for Coaching
17th October
Sylvia Steer wins Wednesday Comp. No. 25
12th October
Ian Lines and Debbie Cornelius announce their engagement

10th October
Peter Hallett wins Wednesday Comp. No. 24

7th October
NWF Advanced League: Saints champions despite last match being cancelled

3rd October
Kay Martin wins Wednesday Comp. No. 23

30th September
NWF Advanced League: Bowdon 5 Fylde 4
29th September
NWF Golf League: Culceth 9 Bowdon 7
29th September
NWF Short Croquet League: Llanfairfechan 8 Bowdon 8
28th September
Coffee Morning a success

26th September
Wednesday Comp. No. 23 cancelled due to flooded lawns

23rd September
Omied Hallam wins B-Level Advanced Tournament

19th September Jean Teare wins Wednesday Comp. No.22

16th September Barry Keen (nearly) wins at Wrest Park

15th September
Steve Moores wins 2012 Fotiadi Novices Silver Challenge Bowl

12th September
Valerie Hughes wins Wednesday comp. no. 21

12th September
NWF Midweek League: Bury 1 Earls 2 (match abandoned)
10th September
NWF Midweek League: Griffins 4 Bury 3
7th September
NWF Midweek League: Griffins 1 Westmorland 6
6th September
NWF Handicap League: Firs 6  Fylde 1
5th September
Steve  Lewis wins Wednesday comp. no. 20
2nd September Croquet is featured on Countryfile

2nd September NWF Advanced League match: Bowdon Saints beat Chester 5-4

2nd September
Swinging Sunday

30th August
See David Maugham's 5 minutes of fame on the Big Breakfast in 1998

30th August NWF Golf League: Bowdon drew with Bury South 9-9
29th August Steve Lewis wins Wednesday Comp. no. 19
27th August
Do you want to be part of Olympic History?

26th August
NWF Short League: Bowdon beat Chester 9-7

23rd August
NW Fed. Midweek League: Chester 6 Earls 1
22nd August
Chris Lewis wins Wednesday Comp. no. 18
20th August
John Larmouth
19th August
NW Fed. Handicap League: Firs 2 Bury Caesars 5
16th August
NW Fed. Midweek League: Earls 3 Southport 4
15th August
Barry Keen wins Wild Wednesday
12th August
NW Fed: Canons 4 Saints 5
12th August Have fun improving your croquet

8th August
John Saxby wins Wednesday Comp. no. 17
5th August
NW Federation Handicap League: Bowdon Firs 3 Bury Peelers 4
1st August
Lorna Frost wins Wednesday Comp. no. 16

29th July
Swinging Sunday
29th July
NW Federation League Matches

26th July
Longman Cup: Bowdon
25th July
Steve Reynolds wins Wednesday Comp. no.15

19th July
Northern Week

15th July
NW Federation League matches

11th July
Cheshire wins 8th Alternative Counties competition

8th July
NW Federation League & National K.O. Competitions
8th July Andrew Winn had a great tournament, winning all of his 6 games to take home the trophy. Bowdon members Francois Garcia and Mike Steer also took part.
5th July
Barry Keen and Francois Garcia played in the C.A. team that beat the Swiss C.A. 13-8 at Bowdon.
4th July
Wednesday Competition played in two halves with two winners
1st July
The Festival of Croquet - played at Southport
30th June
Inter-Club team play quarter-final at Bristol
27th June
Ros Pimlott  wins Wednesday Comp. no. 14

26th June

24th June
Swinging Sunday
24th June
NW Federation Advanced League: Bowdon Canons 5 Southport 4
20th June Bowdon's Olympic Links

20th June
John Wastell wins Wednesday Comp. no. 13
17th June
England win Home Internationals
15th June
NW Federation Midweek League: Bowdon Earls 4 Pendle & Craven 3
13th June
Sheila Sandham wins Wednesday Comp. no. 12
11th June
NW Federation Midweek League: Bowdon Griffins 3 Fylde 4

10th June
NW Federation  Short League: Bowdon 10 Bury 6

6th June
Rupert Webb wins Wednesday Comp. no 11
4th June
Jubilee Fun Day at Bowdon

5th June
Nottingham retain Inter-Counties Championship

3rd June
NW Federation League Matches: Home to Bury Caesars and away to Southport both cancelled due to rain

31st May
NW Federation League Match: Golf: Bowdon beat Chester 18-12 (Alan Mayne, David Holland, Carol Steinberg, Margaret Moss)

30th May
Barry Keen wins Wednesday Comp. no 10

28th May
NW Federation League matches

27th May
Paddy Chapman wins June Advanced

23rd May
Barry McKenzie and Steve Reynolds share Wednesday Comp. No.9

22nd May
Beginners' Course

22nd May
NW Federation League Matches

20th May Steve Reynolds wins the Egyptian at NW Federation Millennium Handicap Event

20th May NW Federation League Matches

20th May
Swinging Sunday returns

16th May
Steve Reynolds wins Wednesday Competition No.8

15th May
Only 9 people turn up for Beginners' Course

13th May
Neil Thompson is Runner-Up at NWF Millennium Short Tournament at Fylde

13th May
NW Federation League Matches

9th May
Steve Lewis wins Wednesday Comp. No.7

7th May
Barry Keen wins May Handicap Weekend

6th May
Bowdon players at World Championship

2nd May
Barry Keen wins Wednesday Comp. No.6

1st May
Diary Booking System for Early Games

30th April
Be part of a team!

29th April
NW Fed. Advanced League: Bowdon Canons 7-2 Fylde

28th April
Taster Day 2

25th April
Wed. Comp. No. 5 winner: Andrew Kenyon

22nd April
David Walters wins Millennium tournament at Heaton Park

22nd April
NWFED:Handicap League: Bowdon Firs  4  Bowdon St. Mary's  3
18th April
Joan Spilsbury wins Wednesday Comp. No. 4

14th April
CA Silver Course held at Bowdon

14th April
Hot-Pot Supper

12th April
Taster Day 1

11th April
David Holland wins Wednesday Comp. No. 3

4th April
Kay Martin wins Wednesday Comp. No. 2

1st April
Ian Lines and Ros Pimlott win in the Lancashire International Golf competition

29th March
Bowdon's National Inter-Club Championships History

28th March
Andrew Kenyon wins Wednesday Comp. No.1

28th March
Club Ladders

28th March
Club Kit

23rd March
Last Friday Night Social Get-Together

21st March
Pink Wednesday

18th March
Lawn Rota

12th March
Club Calendar

3rd March Croquet in the North Leaflet

3rd March
NW Federation Spring Meeting Minutes

28th February
Outstanding Achievement Award for Coaching for Ian Lines

22nd February
Removal of Tree from Lawn 4

31st January Bowdon Website Hits

31st January
NWFCC Flying Circus Coaching Courses

31st January
Handicap Cards

24th January
The Bowdon Blog 2011

20th January
Members' Area

18th January
The World of Croquet


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