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19th November New features at the clubhouse

19th November Dinner at Francs

19th November

5th November NW Federation AGM at Culcheth

1st November
Account Hacking

26th October
Winter One-Ball Competition Results

24th October
Winter lawns are now open

19th October
Sue Cooper wins last Wednesday Comp. of the year, No.22, and Barry McKenzie the Wednesday Seasonal title

12th October
Sue Cooper wins Wednesday Comp. No.21

6th October
NW Rankings List

5th October
Latest Level & Handicap Ladders

5th October
Louise Cheyne wins Wednesday Comp. No.20

2nd October
NWF Advanced League: Saints 5 Bury 4 (and Saints win the championship)
30th September
Hot Pot Supper
28th September
Joan Spilsbury wins Wednesday Comp. No. 19

25th September
Greek  Open

25th September
Jim Potter wins Sheila Black Salver

21st September
Lorna Frost wins Wednesday Comp. No. 18
18th September
Adam Swinton wins All-England Handicap title

18th September
NWF Handicap League - St. Mary's 4 Pendle & Craven 3
18th September
Ian Lines wins the Sandiford Salver at Southport

17th September
Andrew Kenyon wins Novices

11th September Andrew Kenyon wins Swinging Sunday

11th September Eights Week
11th September
NWF League Matches

8th September Thanks to all my friends - Janet Guthrie

8th September
NWF Handicap League: Firs v. St.Mary's

7th September
Barry McKenzie wins Wednesday Competition No.16

4th September
NWF League Matches

4th September Adam Swinton wins All-England Regional Final

1st September
NW Fed Handicap League: St.Mary's beat Crake 5-2

31st August
Barry Keen wins Wild Wednesday

29th August
North of England Championships
28th August
NW Fed Handicap League: Bury Caesars 5  St. Mary's 2

24th August
Louise Cheyne wins Wed. Comp. No. 15
22nd August
NW Fed Midweek: Griffins 4 Southport 3
21st August
NW Fed Handicap: St. Mary's 3 Southport 4
21st August
Fiona Howard wins Swinging Sunday
19th August
Barry Keen plays in CA v Swiss CA
17th August
Barry McKenzie wins Wed. Comp. No. 14
16th August    
NW Fed. Midweek League: Bowdon Earls 4 Westmorland 3
14th August
NW Fed. Handicap Match: Firs v Bury Ceasars

12th August
NW Fed. Advanced Match: Canons v Crake Valley
12th August
NW Federation Golf League Final 3 matches

10th August
NW Federation League Match: Southport v Earls

7th August
David Walters is runner-up in Welsh Open to Chris Williams

7th August
NW Federation League Matches alt
3rd August
Barry Keen wins Wednesday Comp. 12
31st July
NW Federation League Matches

27th July
Barry Keen wins Wednesday Comp. 11

26th July
NW Federation League Matches

25th July
Eric Black

24th July
Golf Croquet World Championship
21st July
Northern Week

13th July
Cheshire SE win Alternative Counties

10th July
NW Fed. League Matches

8th July
Pendle Midweek Tournament

7th July
Bowdon beat Culcheth in NW Fed. Golf League

6th July
Margaret Russell & John Saxby share Wednesday Comp. No.10

5th July
Bowdon Earls beat Fylde in NF Fed. Midweek League

3rd July
Individual Bowdon winners over the weekend
3rd July
NW Fed. League Matches

1st July
Bowdon Griffins beat Pendle & Craven 5-2

30th June
Message from Hon. Treasurer Barry McKenzie re President's Appeal

29th June
Joan Spilsbury wins Wednesday Comp. No.9

26th June
NW Fed. Festival of Croquet

26th June
Individual winners over the weekend
23rd June
Annual Barbecue

22nd June
Janet Guthrie wins Wednesday Comp. No.8

19th June
Home Internationals

18th June
NW Fed. Handicap League: Bowdon Firs 6 Chester 1

16th June
NW Fed. Golf Croquet League: Bowdon  beat Bury North

14th June
Club Level & Handicap Ladders

13th June
David Holland wins Wednesday Comp. 7

12th June
Mixed results for NW Fed League matches

11th June
Centenary Day Celebrations

10th June
NW Fed. Midweek League: Bowdon Griffins lose 2-5 at Bury

8th June
Sheila Sandham wins Wed. Comp. week no.6

7th June
Bowdon Earls beat Chester 4-3 in NWF Midweek League

6th June
NW Federation Improvers Course at Chester

5th June
Paddy Chapman wins June Advanced Weekend

2nd June
Our Longman Cup team go out in 1st Round

1st June
Barry Keen wins Wed. Comp. no.5

31st May
Cheshire 3rd in Counties
30th May
Mary Rose: Pendle & Craven 4 Bowdon 3
29th May
NW Fed. Short Croquet League: Southport (Birkdale) 4 Bowdon 12
28th May
NW Fed. Golf Croquet League: Pendle 13 Bowdon 5
26th May
NW Fed. Advanced League - Canons 6 Pendle & Craven 3
25th May
Margaret Russell wins Wednesday Comp. no. 4

24th May
NW Fed. Midweek League: Earls 6  Bury 1
22nd May
Swinging Sunday Returns: Fiona Howard winner
21st May
Inter-Club: Bowdon 1 Nottingham 6
19th May
NW Fed. Midweek League:  Chester 2 Griffins 5
18th May
Steve Reynolds wins Wed. Comp. No. 3
15th May
NW Fed. Advanced League: Canons 4 Saints 5
15th May
NW Fed. Short Croquet League:  Bury 8 Bowdon 8
15th May
NW Fed. Handicap League: Crake 5  Firs 2
13th May
NW Fed. Midweek League: Earls 5 Griffins 2

12th May
Beginners Course week 1 attracts 25 participants

11th May
Frank Moir wins Wed. Comp. No. 2
6th May
Ken Cooper wins Reed Cup
5th May
NWF Golf League: Bowdon 13 Southport 5
4th May  
Mike Steer wins Wed. Comp. No. 1
27th April
John Lucas came out on top with 59 pts. beating Ken Cooper on 55 pts. and Sheila Sandham/Mike Steer tied on 52 pts.

20th April
John Saxby was the winner of the Wednesday Comp. with Barry Keen second and Barry McKenzie third

13th April
Barry Keen wins Wednesday Comp. with Frank Moir runner-up and Joan Spilsbury third

10th April
Short Croquet team lose first match of season
6th April
Barry Keen wins Wednesday Comp. with Sheila Sandham and John Larmouth joint runners-up.

31st March
May Handicap Weekend Entries
29th March
Bowdon Calendar
23rd March
Winter One-Ball Competition results
15th March
February WCF Newsletter from Martin French
10th March
Are you a member of the CA?
5th March
NW Federation Spring Meeting
23rd February
Refurbishment of Clubhouse
1st February
CA Online Tournament Entry
27th January
Official Rulings of Golf Rules
23rd Jan. New Zealand Open Championship
17th Jan.
Winter Lawns Open
7th Jan.
The Clang under New Management
5th Jan.
Club Refurbishment Project

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