18th - 19th SEPTEMBER

Ian Lines won the Southport September Advanced Tournament to win the Sandiford Salver, beating Lionel Tibble in the final +4tp, -17tp, +26.
There was no play at all at Southport on Sunday as there was very heavy overnight rain, and when competitors turned up at 9.30am the lawns were at least 20% under water, with no prospect of improvement with rain forecast all day. It's the first time Ian has had a washout day at Southport in 15 years!
Terry Foster, Chairman of Southport, presented the Consolation Event prize to Robert Dodds, who had played well on Saturday to get to 3/4.
John Haslam, who was game down in a semi-final, conceded the best of 3 to Ian Lines, and Ian and Lionel Tibble then transferred to lawn 1 at Bowdon to play the final.  The final was quite good, with just a few errors and some good shooting by Lionel in the first two games, although the wet Bowdon lawns were pretty easy, even with the hoops set to 1/32nd.
In game 1, Lionel hit a long standard tice on 4th turn, but then took off the lawn (Bowdon is a wee bit quicker than Southport). Ian went to 4-back with a DS, Lionel missed the long lift, Ian stuck in hoop 2, Lionel hit in 14 yards and went to 4 back. Ian missed the long lift, Lionel's straight rover peel went wrong (peelee stuck in jaws with SB 1cm from it). Lionel put the SB safe, but Ian still finished +4tp.
In game 2, Ian hit on 4th turn and went to 4 back with a DS. Lionel hit and finished in two turns +17tp.
In game 3, Ian went to hoop 5 on 5th turn with a leave (difficult precision pick up). Lionel missed and Ian went to 4 back with a DS. Lionel missed the short lift, Ian was on a standard tp but took off into a hoop before hoop 5 (huge pull on a thin take off) so had a scatter leave. Lionel missed the 12 yarder. Ian went to peg with one peel and a tight horizontal DS. Lionel missed and Ian finished +26.
So the cunning managerial ploy of shifting the final to a lawn where Lionel has never been, and Ian has played a few hundred games, worked out :-).
Many thanks to Southport for the excellent catering on Saturday, and for the lawns there which are as good as they've ever been. It was also great to see a few new faces, including Tom Crawford from Perth, Australia. Thank you also to the Bowdon Short team who kindly provided lunch for the Finalists at Bowdon on Sunday.

Preliminary Round
Ian Lines       beat  Collin Southern +25tp
Lionel Tibble   beat  Liz Wilson      +3
Ray Lowe        beat  Barbara Haslam  +16
First Round     
Lee Hartley     beat  Richard H Smith +23
Alan Mayne      beat  Peter Wilson    +14
Lionel Tibble   beat  Brian Kerr      +13
Robert Dodds    beat  Dave Nick       +18
John Haslam     beat  Tom Crawford    +15
Ian Lines       beat  Ray Lowe        +3
Jerry Guest     beat  Alain Giraud    +3
Tom Griffith    beat  Alan Pidcock    +2(T)
Second Round     
Lionel Tibble   beat  Tom Griffith    +14
John Haslam     beat  Alan Mayne      +3
Lee Hartley     beat  Robert Dodds    +6
Ian Lines       beat  Jerry Guest     +
Semi Final (best of 3)
Lionel Tibble   beat  Lee Hartley     -3, +17tp, +26tp
Ian Lines       beat  John Haslam     +12
Final (best of 3)     
Ian Lines       beat  Lionel Tibble   +4tp, -17tp, +26

Dave Nick       beat  Peter Wilson    +2
Richard H Smith beat  Collin Southern +19
Richard H Smith beat  Dave Nick       +26
Alain Giraud    beat  Barbara Haslam  +22
Tom Crawford    beat  Liz Wilson      +15
Brian Kerr      beat  Alan Pidcock    +4
Collin Southern beat  Peter Wilson    +7
Alan Mayne      beat  Alain Giraud    +10
Dave Nick       beat  Ray Lowe        +7
Robert Dodds    beat  Barbara Haslam  +1
Tom Crawford    beat  Jerry Guest     +18
Collin Southern beat  Alan Mayne      +18tp
Tom Griffith    beat  Richard H Smith +1
Brian Kerr      beat  Liz Wilson      +3
Alain Giraud    beat  Peter Wilson    +3
Robert Dodds    beat  Ray Lowe        +6
Ian Lines (-2.5)     6/7
Lionel Tibble (-1.5) 6/9
Robert Dodds (1)     3/4
Tom Crawford (0.5)   2/3
Brian Kerr (2)       2/3
Tom Griffith (0.5)   2/3
John Haslam (-0.5)   2/3
Lee Hartley (-0.5)   3/5
Alan Mayne (-0.5)    2/4
Dave Nick (-1)       2/4
Alain Giraud (1)     2/4
Richard H Smith (1)  2/4
Collin Southern (3)  2/4
Jerry Guest (0)      1/3
Ray Lowe (1.5)       1/4
Alan Pidcock (0)     0/2
Barbara Haslam (2)   0/3
Liz Wilson (3)       0/3
Peter Wilson (1.5)   0/4